Juno Kim

January 1, 2011

The first sunrise of the year 2011.

Happy New Year! 🙂 May your year is full of joy. My good friend Sunmi and  mad a promise for this special day. To go see the first sunrise of 2011. We live in same neighborhood where very close to […]
December 30, 2010

2010 Round up : The best 10 of Runaway Juno

. . Happy New Year! 🙂 As a first year old travel blogger, it’s my honor to round up this wonderful year and present to you. I wrote 153 articles in 9 months, and I’ve given more than enough love […]
December 28, 2010

The Ultimate Travel Maestro, Mr.Santa Clause

Do you believe in Santa Clause?   Round the world travel – is the words of dream for me. The itinerary, the places to go, all the opportunities out there… all very exciting. This Christmas, it feels different because I had such […]
December 22, 2010

Eat Patjuk and Drive Evils Away!

Today is Dongji 동지. The logest night of the year. I should explain some background for this. Okay, the traditional East Asian calendars divide a year into 24 solar terms. And Dongji is 22nd solar term of the year. And […]
December 21, 2010

Things that I’m grateful for.

It’s’the’ time of the year. Look back, say something including ‘I should’ve…’, and making plans for next one. Like usual I was making lists of..well, everything. Things I loved in 2010, thins didn’t go really well in 2010.. something like […]
December 15, 2010

Gejang. Marinating fresh raw crabs in soysauce.

. Okay, it’s another #KoreanFoodWednesday. So what’s for today? This week, Gejang!   .   . Whatever the Gejang means… Look at them! How beautiful! mmm… Food is all about the taste, but it is also about appearance. Sometimes it feels […]
December 14, 2010

Runaway Photo of the week: Auckland Zoo, New Zealand

. *Location : Auckland Zoo, Auckland, New Zealand *Occasion : When I decided to go to New Zealand, I was really looking forward to see some animals. New Zealand is all about nature. I have this wild dream to see […]
December 11, 2010

Why take a taxi on the first day is good-and what happen in Deajeon

After you arrive at the airport, what would you take to hostel? Depend on where you are, there’s a bus, a train, a subway or a taxi. What would you choose? Even Though I’m a poor backpacker, I prefer take […]
December 8, 2010

Drive through. New Zealand Special – my Guest post at Allways Rental

My guest post at Allways Rental. It’s their very first guest post so that makes me the first guest author! 🙂 Honored to write about my second home! Here’s the introduction.. visit their website (below link) for the full article! […]
December 6, 2010

Runaway Photo: Eggs in hell, Beppu, Japan

*Location : Beppu, Japan *Occasion : It was one of the most interesting place in Kyushu area. Japan is well known as quality natural spa. There are 9 different hell experiences called ‘Nine(9) hells of Beppu’. And I choose to […]
December 2, 2010

Olle Course 10 Expedition – A Story by Thomas M. Holst

#The New Contents! The very first Guest of honor on #Runaway tales by Runawayers Category is Thomas M. Holst. Tom is from Omaha, US, and spend last few years in China and Korea. We met on my recent Jeju trip. […]
November 30, 2010

Tai-chi, Taiwanese Flag Ceremony and the Boom Box

Some of ‘famous’ photography of Asia, you can see massive group of tai chi fairly often. Nothing like this in any other continent. Tai chi, or Taiji is a Chinese philosophy. Many Chinese are doing this for meditation and exercising. […]