I know, it’s Sunday, or Monday, according to where you are. But I want to publish this week’s R.S.S anyhow, because there were some great pieces that I want to share with all of you.

My birthday was this week. Tuesday. And, coincidentally, I read several posts that very similar to what I’ve been thinking. The word ‘Travel’ often misused, or misunderstood as ‘Holiday’. Yes, travel writing and various other jobs that relate to travel are way better than the job that requires in-house position. At least for me. But that doesn’t mean that we are, I am running around, playing outside wasing our lives. Just it’s a different lifestyle, that’s all.

So yes, here are five posts that made on Runaway Subscription Saturday (or Sunday, for this week.)



First stop, on Twenty Something Travel, Why Your Twenties are Terrible/Awesome. Last week was my birthday week. November 1st. On my birthday, I wrote a birthday tribute, the questionable post about my decision and where am I heading. While I was writing this, I remember Stephanie’s birthday post. Yes, twenties are awesome and terrible at the same time. I wouldn’t know how it’s going to be different because I haven’t been to thirties yet, but my twenties were/are the same. It’s the time that we are deciding who we want to be, and what we like, get to know ourselves, having both ups and downs, countless ones. On my birthday, looking back my twenties, I am still me, but I wouldn’t say I’m the same person when I was twenty. This is terrifying time, but what I can say is, I believe I’m on the right path and there’s going to be more ups than downs.


Second stop, on Globetrooper, Can You Ever Have Too Much Freedom? ‘Location independent’. This is the new phrase of my current life. Ever since I escaped from the cubic farm, all wanted was ‘I want to travel’. But the question was, ‘where?’ and my answer was ‘It doesn’t really matter’. That was my first location independent moment. I needed the transition time, and the location just didn’t matter. So I choose to be in the US for my transition time and it was great. I’m deciding where to go next again, and I’m leaving in a month. There are places that I really want to go, and frankly, it would be easy to answer to where I don’t want to go. There’s no reason to stop, and no reason to rush. Is this too much freedom? Maybe. But the important thing is, to enjoy those process as a person who has location independent job.


Third stop, on Wandering EarlThe Museum Of Broken Relationships. This museum is such an eye opener. I like museums. It’s really a good way to get to know the place. Especially, I like creative and intimate museums. Maybe that’s why I like children’s museum more than ‘regular’ one. This museum in Zagreb, Croatia is certainly creative. One of the most creative one, I must say. Quote from the post, “the founders of the Museum of Broken Relationships began to wonder why we don’t formally recognize and focus on failed relationships as well, instead of trying to make them vanish, especially considering the powerful emotional effect that such relationships tend to have on our lives.” Check out this place, and Earl’s review.


Fourth stop, on Globo TreksBelize Snapshot: Spice Farm. When I was working at a coffe shop in Seoul, there was ‘Vanilla latte’ on the menu. It was a regular lattee with a hint of vanilla powder. It was the first time I’ve ever got to know what ‘Vanilla’ was. One of the distributor told me ‘if you don’t see this black seeds in the powder, that’s not real.’ Then I got curioused. Why?! Vanilla is one of my favourite ice cream flavour, yet I didn’t know about vanilla at all. Norbert’s photo post brought that memory back. Vanilla has such a magical smell. How anything can smell ‘sweet’? And, pepper is my favourite spice. Freshly ground black pepper, so, good. This simple photo post from Belize spice farm gave me a joy.


Fifth stop, on Bohemian TravelerWhere’s your old home? There’s this moment, ‘Have I been here before?’ Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t, or maybe it’s just a feeling. But I believe we all have this moments time to time during travels. The place gives us comfort, without any specific reason. Yes, I certainly had those moments. I think traveling is a lifestyle and the way to find the home, the place I can feel ‘this is my home’. Though, there’s no significantly different words as house and home in my home country. Where you live is home, and home is your house. It is true, as a definition, but I have to disagree as a deeper meaning. Nationality doesn’t decide who you are; it is big factor, but not everything, and the place you live in isn’t necessarily your home. As growing up closely with Buddhism, the concept of past lives and reincarnation are not new things to me. When I felt those ‘moments’, I thought, maybe I traveled here in my previous life. When you think about it, deciding who the person is by what kind of passport you have, feels very petty. To seek my old home, or new home, so I travel.


Thanks for great posts this week. Enjoy!


See you next week.





4 thoughts on “Runaway Subscription Saturday: 1st Nov. 2011”

  1. I appreciate the mention Juno and you know what, I never considered visiting children’s museums while traveling. But that sounds like such a good idea. I’ll have to start doing that myself!

    1. Hey Earl! You are welcome! It was a great post. Sometimes people’s creativity surprises me. I like children’s museum because you can touch, smell, and play with a lot of things. That’s the natural way to learn i think. 🙂

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