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Are you on Google+? Either you are or not, you might be interested to hear that Google+ now has Google+ page option. You can create a page for your business, brand and group.

And I joined the madness.

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I joined Google+, after a while of silence protesting. I honestly thought ‘Another social media?!  Twitter, Facebook, Stumble Upon, Linked in, Digg digg and now Google? Oh no…’ However, I surrender and joined the madness. As a blogger and social networking enthusiaster, I had to find out what this was about. Google+ profile was just another social networking tool that we have to take care of. Nothing less, nothing more. When I ran into art blogger’s group, one of the member was passionately explain why G+ is the future of social networking. I agreed with all his theory, but I think it is different in travel networking society. So far, this is just simply another tool.

So when I saw the news about Google+ Page launching, I got more curious than skeptical. After all, I’m working something on the internet, and this is what Google does, the biggest monopolized company in the internet industry. I wanted to see how this is different and how it’s going to turn out.



Create your Page with category


Do I need another account to make G+ page?

You can create the page under your same Google+ personal profile. Just like Facebook you can change the user as your profile/page. The user change interface is way easier than Facebook, I give you that. But you have to add people to your page’s circle.


What category should I choose?

There are five big categories you can choose: Local Businesses/ Product or Brand/ Company, Institution or Organization/ Art, Entertainment or Sports/ Other. As Runaway Juno, I created under Product or Brand – Travel.


How to spread the word?

Remember to create the badge for your Google+ Page. It’s red. You can create it at Google Developers. Standard and small badges are not done yet, but you can get icons for your blog. I got medium and big badges for Runaway Juno. You can see it from my homepage sidebar.



I’m not so passionate about G+ yet. Still Twitter and Facebook are two main communication routes, and I don’t think this is going to change in anytime soon. I’m not saying you should or shouldn’t use Google+ or Google+ Page. But I want to witness of the process of development. Facebook is constantly changing, a bit by bit. Some changes were pointless, but the interface is better than a year ago, for sure. Google+ is a new frontier, good or bad, I don’t know yet but this is certainly the new beginning. It would die like Google Buzz or it will be the future of Facebook. Either way, I want to see it. It’s another ‘time consuming’ social networking tool, but it’s worth to try it out. Here’s a related post on Marshable: Google+ Launches Branded Pages &  4 Reasons Google+ Brand Pages Will Be Better Than Facebook’s [OPINION].


Click HERE or the red butto on Runaway Juno to join the circle. Would you like to witness the future of Google+?


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9 thoughts on “Google+ Launches Google+ Brand Page”

  1. Wow, you’re quick off the mark with this post. We’ve joined the madness too, as you know. 🙂 How it will all work out, we don’t know but the way we see it, we might as well be in from the beginning and find our feet. Good luck with your page. 🙂

  2. Greaaaatttt page…..i think i should started a page of mine tooo :p
    Yeap this social media things will never enough…there’ll always have a new things to try ^^

    goood luck for youu^^v

  3. Of course you would be among the first! I gotta get on this 🙂 Also– did you manually set up your G+ profile to attach it to your blog posts? So much to do…

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