Romanesque St Nicholas Rotunda

Do you visit places that you see in the banknotes? I do sometimes. One of the most memorable and unique place was Cieszyn, the border town between Poland and Czech Republic. There used to be a heavy border but now there’s only a line in the middle of the bridge marking the actual border point. People freely move from Cieszyn to Cesky Tesin and the other way around.

When in Cieszyn, go find the building you see on the 20 zloty note! It’s the Romanesque St Nicholas Rotunda, one of the oldest Romanesque monuments in Poland, build in 1180.

Do you see what I see?

3 thoughts on “Romanesque St Nicholas Rotunda of Cieszyn in 20 Polish Zloty Note”

  1. Cieszyn is my newest favourite place in Poland, I keep returning there few times per year and actually tomorrow I’m organizing the first meeting of Polish travel bloggers there 🙂

  2. It is one of many attractions in Cieszyn – come again and we’ll share with you what else is really worth seeing, but the guidebooks don’t write about it 😉

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