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Who is Juno?

Hello! Nice meeting you here. My name is Juno Kim, I was born and raised in Seoul, Republic of Korea. My Korean name given by my father is Jiyeon(智娫), meaning ‘bright wisdom’. I try to live up to the name every day. But you can call me Juno. No, I didn’t take the name from the movie Juno. It’s from the Roman goddess of all gods, Juno (her Greek name is Hera). She’s the goddess of love, marriage, childbirth, family, and women. She also created the Milky Way with her breast milk. Either way, both names are have a pretty high standard expectations!

How did I start Runaway Juno?

I left my job as a mechanical engineer in Seoul in 2011. It was the most difficult decision I’ve ever made and with that I entered real adulthood. As a Korean who grew up in a conservative household, my career departure created enough shock to change everything in my life including my relationship with my own family. If you’re reading Runaway Juno, you’ve probably heard of the story already. I switched my career from engineer to travel blogger and never looked back. It was an unknown world but an exciting one for sure.


Travel changed me for the better

It’s been 12 years since I’ve started RunawayJuno.com. With all the experiences of traveling, destination marketing, and photography, now I’m running a consulting agency Ovibos Consulting as well as running Runaway Juno.

Seeing the northern lights always brings me back to my childhood, when I dreamt about this moment. Skiing on Namibia’s vast desert made me realize once again that humans are only a fraction of this big world. I traveled to Machu Picchu twice and I walked all the way on my first time. Two months in India taught me about myself and the world more than any book could have done. I met some of the happiest people in the world in the mountain Kingdom of Bhutan. After 7 years of full-time travel, living out of a backpack, and working on the road, I found somewhere I want to call home. I’ve been based in Anchorage, Alaska for the last 4 years. Yeah, all the talk of glaciers, the Arctic, and northern lights, now I live in it. But more importantly, I’ve grown. I have a deeper understanding of people now that I would have never learned if I stayed home working as an engineer. I also grew to respect my own culture and realized the importance of family.

Traveling the world was also the strongest affirmation that the world is a better place than we see on news. There are people who are kind, generous, compassionate, wise, and inspirational, all over the world no matter what country they are from, what kind of skin color they have, or how old they are. I’ve been on numerous publications, podcasts, and newsletteres to talk about the rise or anti-Asian racism. You know one of the greatest solution? Travel. 

How do I travel so much?

I travel and work. At the same time, mostly. My work is location independent or you can say that I’m a digital nomad, though I have a home now. 

  • RunawayJuno.com
  • Social media consulting & training
  • Outreach specialist
  • Photography
  • Brand ambassador and influencer
  • Affiliate sales
  • Marketing and business developement consulting at Ovibos Consulting
  • Unique and boutique travel on Unquote Travel 

If you wish to get to know more about my work, please visit the Work With Me page.

Thank you!

Runaway Juno reader community has grown over the past 12 years. When I was going through the toughest life changing decisions, this virtual community was there for me as the strongest supporter. Thank you! Runaway Juno wouldn’t have been the same without you.

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48 thoughts on “About Me”

    1. @Leslie

      Yeees! It’s East Sea! So remember that! haha
      Thanks. Still many modifications to do though. But I think it’s better than before! 🙂

      1. I’m sorry, but I can’t keep quiet on this. I lived in Korea for a year and the Sea of Japan/East Sea issue really annoyed me. Obvious pettiness aside, if Korea wants the international community to change the name of that sea, they have to come up with a better alternative. East Sea is not viable, because East is relative. It’s only East if you’re to the West of it. Surely someone can come up with a third name that works for everyone.

        As for your site, I haven’t checked out all of it yet, but I enjoyed what I have read. Keep it up and enjoy your travels.

        1. Thanks for your insight. I’m personally not a follower of all the war between names, but it’s not a matter of who come up with more creative name; it is about what was in the history and how colonisation changed things including history. It’s not ‘annoying’ matter per se, and it is quite a big deal for the people who still remembers the time that they were under the Japanese rule. That’s why it’s a sensitive issue; taking back what was ours. I don’t know how Japanese people thinks, but at least that’s who I learned.

          1. Hi Juno!
            I’m really proud of you, coz you’re like strong girl.
            Actually i’m from Indonesia and iam a student, but i really want to like you.
            How i can being like you??
            someday im gonna travel the world like you, maybe for me it’s impossible for me.. 🙁

    2. oh!~ what’s this?

      i’v been search about finland discover to your blog,

      that’s what amazing , i have a curiocity about you, this’s very new world to me , i hope seeing to your good news

  1. Hi Juno

    I have never been to south Korea and am planning to go on a trip next march. I am into photography, landscape basically and would be grateful if you could suggest some places which will be a landscape photographer’ delight. I am an amateur. Thanks.

  2. Hi Juno

    Greetings from China. I’ve only ever met one Korean female backpacker in all my travels (Sumatra, Indonesia, 1998) so nice to see another woman breaking tradition from the group tour mentality.

    I’ve spent much time in Korea over recent years; and love it. Especially Seorakan, Seoul, & all the small southern islands.

    Regards – Michael Robert Powell | the candy trail … a nomad across the planet, since 1988

  3. Hi Juno,

    I love traveling too! Keep on discovering and continue with your excellent work! I want to hear more about your journeys. have fun!

    1. Hi Sarah
      Thanks for the kind words.
      I just visited your blog, you’ve lived here for a long time! 🙂 Hope you like Korea-
      Travel safe- and keep in touch. 😉

  4. I don’t remember my very first flight or second flight. The 1st was when I was 3 and I flew to Panama with my family to live there, the second was when I was 7 and I flew from Panama to Kentucky when we were moving again. The first flight I remember was from Virginia to Austin. My sis and I were flying alone to spend the summer with my aunt and uncle and cousin for the summer, I was 12 and I remember being really impressed with myself for flying alone and taking care of my little sister!

  5. Hello~ Juno.
    I thanks to J.Griffin teacher.Because he introduce to me.He is my English teacher.Umm……….
    First, my grammar is able to wrong, but I belive to understand you.(I’m middle school student)This blog is very good,I think… I’ll be try to make blog about all of the world’s trevaling,I like traveling too. My father like traveling too, so I can go to many city and village in Korea.And I interesting to Japan, so I went Japan last year.But I want to go many other countries.

  6. 안녕하셰요 주노!

    In preparation of launching my own blog this coming July I´ve been searching online for some popular travel blogs. I was really thrilled to find a blog from a Korean traveler amongst the top of the list. I´ve taught English in Korea for several years and it´s my home away from home. I´m likely coming back again in the fall as my 18 month backpacking trip is soon coming to an end. Anyhow, my website is just getting started and I plan to launch it officially in July. In the meantime, I´m gathering my photos and posting lots of videos on youtube. One of my most recent videos is taking the train in India: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYPniMRrSMY
    Anyhow, glad I found your site and I will be coming back more often to check out your latest posts.

    Nomadic Samuel (Samuel Jeffery)

  7. Enjoyed your blog. Kinda miss Korea. And I certainly don’t meet many Korean backpackers though I do notice Korean a whole lot more in the movies. Yes Man anyone?

    1. Thanks Steven. Were you in Korea? Hope you enjoyed the country. Which part were you in?
      I didn’t meet many Korean backpackers either. Proud to be one of not many. And I remember Yes Man. He did good!

      1. Yep, I was in Korea for a year doing what most other backpackers do in Korea do: teaching English. Absolutely loved it. Even made a movie with my class that played the Made in Busan Film Fest. Sure, by the end I was ready to try something different, but I’m happy I went to Korea and not some other country. I lived in Busan but was able to travel all over Korea. I’m really considering going back.

  8. I enjoyed your blog. I entered this blog to complete the homework which school teacher made me do. But it was interesting to me to read and feel it. So it inspired me to travel.

  9. hello, My name is Kim so hee
    Nice to meet you
    You are very good
    I want for you to travel all around the world
    Thank you

  10. Hi JUNO
    I saw your account in twitter!
    I liked the fact that you are both mechanical engineer and traveler! I study mechanical engineering and I love traveling too! right now I travel within my country and with my family! But I’m planning to go to Korea too! I may want apply master there just for trying to experience new environment!(if I don’t go to America or Europe) I like your Culture and language!
    I will be happy hearing some advice from you!
    by the way I’m Persian! O_o

  11. Very nice blog you have here….the way you write I would have thought you were born and raised in USA, sorry for the first comment, accidentally clicked on enter before I could finish typing..:D

  12. Hi Juno, I am from Indonesia. How lucky I am to know your blog and I love to read it. I also love traveling, reading and writing so I think it is very complete. When you love traveling, you should write it in your note and sharing your story to all people, so many people could read how beautiful your experiences.

    I was in Korea in October 2001 for training and I really love to be there. I always wonder when I could go to Seoul again.

    That’s from me, nice to know you !

  13. Annyeong haseyo Juno, I am Sherlyn from Singapore, I am a freelance blogger who speaks some Korean and Spanish, I stumbled upon your travel blog link on Facebook.. 🙂 Can we be travel friends?

  14. Hi Juno
    I somehow ended up on your website and it sounds like a lovely life you’re living traveling the world. I see that you seem to be unhappy about Korea, but I encourage you to see the strength in Korea and also certain things about yourself that is tied closely to your Korean identity. Often it takes being away from a country/culture to realize how much you are a part of it. Nonetheless, enjoy venturing to other countries. Every country can be beautiful.

  15. Hi Juno,

    Thank you for brining the world to us!! I’m enjoying reading your blog and follow you on Facebook and Twitter. You’ve inspired me and hope to continue to follow you and your journey!!


  16. Hi Juno. Nice knowing you. Been looking around for someone who actually write about his or her travelling experience. I wonder how do you cover your travelling expenses?

  17. Hey Juno,

    Recently came across your site when searching for some travel tips on Google – loving all the posts and resources you have 🙂

    How long have you been backpacking for now ?

    Cheers and happy travels !

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