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  1. Hello! My name is Kiril – I have a link to your site on my site (, on the Travel blogs page. I hope you don’t mind this (my site’s pagerank is 4) – if you don’t like my site and if you don’t want the link – I will remove it. I will be grateful to you if you place a link on your blog to my site. Regards and good luck! Kiril

  2. Juno………..this is from kate’s dad……………welcome to the the States, you have a place to settle into in Connecticut ( Kate’s home). You and your friend are welcome. You guys can come and stay as long as you want, but you must leave, same deal we offer to our kids. Nice work, you are welcome anytime, if we are not here you can use the house without us.

  3. Hello!

    Feeling happy to view your travel website:) It is really really a fantastic one.
    I am also having a travel website at which is of pr3.
    I am requesting you to add my site in your blogroll (links section) and inform me. i will also add you 🙂

    The Traveller

  4. I want to come and climb South Korea highet peak. Can somearrange for airport pick up the hike for two days (real slow) and a bit of tour and hotel then back to airport. 4-5 days. Do you know who can help with this. i travelas one person and would like to come in August. this is erious – help if you can. Morgan

  5. Hi Juno! Im Haronalponti from a town of PONTIAN in JOHORE, Malaysia. Dont hesitate to contact me if you come again to Malaysia. Some interesting places to visit here i.e Tanjung Pia (End of land of southeast Asia), Kukup island, traditional villages, local authentic food like ketupat, burasak (rice based food) mamak restaurant and so many others. My family and i are welcoming you…. Looking forward to meet Juno.

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