October 15, 2011

Somewhere Over the Rainbows

    The Rainbow! Logically, I know the theory behind. It’s a combination of  optical and meteorological phenomenon. It’s simple. However, my science part of brain doesn’t function when I face rainbow; it’s just magical. Creating rainbow isn’t even difficult. All […]
August 7, 2011

Runaway Daily: USA – Day 8. So… this is American Food, huh?

    Day 8. So… this is American food, huh?   After the supposed-to-be-humorous but ended-up-very-controversial Runaway Food: A-Z – A is for America (Taco Bell), I asked people, “So then, what do you think American food is?” I was actually […]
August 5, 2011

Runaway Photo: Ale & Art Mural Tour in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Have you noticed any differences when you first arrived in Philadelphia? I know, there are lots of distinguishing things in this city, but one thing that capture your eyes… Murals! When I first visited Philly a few weeks ago, first […]
August 5, 2011

Runaway Daily: USA – Day 6. City of Brotherly LOVE

    Day 6. City of Brotherly Love.   The name ‘Philadelphia’ means brotherly love in Latin. Every single corner of Philly, there are surprises. If you are not a fan of surprises, don’t worry – this is a good […]
August 3, 2011

Runaway Daily: USA – Day 5. Now it’s time to see “Off” the beaten path of Philadelphia, PA

Day 5. Now it’s time to see “Off” the beaten path of Philadelphia.   It was not my first encounter with Philadelphia. Remember? I experienced the most “On” the beaten path of Philadelphia and wrote about it. Now, it’s time […]
July 27, 2011

On the Beaten Path of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  What would you do if you have several hours, say, 3 hours in Philadelphia? Just hang out at friend’s place, read in the park, have some nice quality coffee or you could crash into some building with super airconditioning […]