Day 5. Now it’s time to see “Off” the beaten path of Philadelphia.


It was not my first encounter with Philadelphia. Remember? I experienced the most “On” the beaten path of Philadelphia and wrote about it. Now, it’s time to meet different side of the city!   Early morning, we went to a quick tour of David Will’s house, where the Gettysburg Address was finished by President Lincoln. There’s a real-size statue of President Lincoln. He was a tall man, 6′ 4”. Take a picture with him!! And after all the shenanigan, we left for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Traffic wasn’t bad. Followed the US 30, through Lancaster and arrived in Philly by just 2 hours and 45 mins. Still, I’m amazed by how short that amount of driving would be in the big map of the US.



Lunch at Village Whisky, and started the day by the Trolly tour. This would take you every famous spots of this city. Along with that, you can actually learn about this places by a nice tour guide who explains everything. Today was raining, so we didn’t have a chance to have a joy of Double-deck bus, but I actually really enjoyed the tour. It was a nice way to start a day. Got a sense of direction, see and pick whatever I wanted to see while I’m staying here.



I got to talk about this lunch. Whiskey burger, is what they are known for, is literally made me say ‘Wow’. Chicken Sandwich, which I didn’t expect too much but was one of the best chicken sandwich I’ve ever had. Chips and pickled curly flower were another joyful item on the table.  Sounds like I’m eating my way around the world…. well, pretty much I am, I guess. Can you blame me? There’s just too many great things to eat out there! Well, and that means I got to run more though. That’s okay, I can do that much. 🙂



Tonight’s event was University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. “Summer Night” concert is going on for short amount of period, just for the Summer. Tonight was African music, and luckily museum open till 8pm on Wednesday. I didn’t know this museum was this broad, but it was a mind blowing. The collections they have, were truly amazing. Silk Road exhibit was on the list of mine, but it wasn’t there anymore. Iraq and Egypt exhibits were particularly interesting. It was a great change of the theme after three days of massive civil war live-documentary. 🙂

Summer night music was a drum and music ensemble specializing in Afro-Cuban and West African drumming combines traditional call-and-response patterned Yoruba songs with modern folk and jazz instruments and harmony. It was pretty good. Very festive.   First day at Philadelphia was good. I got to see most of the attractions by trolly tour, saw one of the best exhibits at University of Pennsylvania Museum, and had a great meal at Village Whisky.

Still, three more days to go, but Philadelphia has a lot to offer.

Day 2, coming soon.


*Special thanks to Philadelphia Convention & Visitor’s Bureau for their warm welcome and hospitality. 


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6 thoughts on “Runaway Daily: USA – Day 5. Now it’s time to see “Off” the beaten path of Philadelphia, PA”

  1. Glad you had fun in Philly! It’s been a long time since I have been there but I didn’t have a chance to do all the touristy things when I was there. Is going to a Phillies game an off the beaten path thing? If so, I loved that (I am a big baseball fan)! 🙂

    1. Totally!! 🙂 But don’t know if there’s a game during my stay. But I pass by the stadium! One of the best player from Korea played for Philly for a while, so I’m kind of a fan 🙂

  2. Love that you are exploring my alma mater, University of Pennsylvania! It looks like the museum has some exciting cultural events. I never made it there even though I lived about a block away my freshman year. You make me want to visit 🙂 Next stop– NYC?!

    1. The museum is amazing, truly. Collections are amazing! Can’t believe you didn’t spend your time there! 🙂
      I didn’t go in the campus but buildings are gorgeous. NYC, coming soon!

  3. I love reading all your new adevntures in the USA. There are so many places i haven’t visit yet. Your posts made me realize how many more place and things I want to do and see. Great stuff!

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