Bring Chinese Cuisine to Your Kitchen: Dali Cooking School


+1 Tweet Share Pin8 StumbleTotal Shares 8    What is your favourite Chinese food? Have you ever make it at home?   Chinese food is widely known for cheap and easy takeout food more than home cooked meal. I do also like Chinese food and I enjoy cooking, but to this day I’ve never cook [...] Read more »

Shaxi Friday Market in Yunnan, China: Where You Can See Sidewalk Dentistry


+1 Tweet Share Pin25 StumbleTotal Shares 25    Shaxi is located in-between two popular destinations: Dali and Lijiang. While on your way to Dali or Lijiang, you might want to consider break up your trip by staying at Shaxi. It is a historic small village on the Tea-Horse trail. If you are landing around Friday, [...] Read more »

China’s Finest Hiking Trail: Tiger Leaping Gorge in Photos


+13 Tweet Share29 Pin25 StumbleTotal Shares 57  Tiger Leaping Gorge, where the tiger leaped over to the other side of the gorge a long time ago, is considered one of the best hiking trails in China. It is located 60km north from Lijiang old town, Yunnan Province. This scenic canyon is the deepest gorge in [...] Read more »

Shaping Monday market; Where There’s Not Much to Buy if You’re Not a Farmer


+1 Tweet Share Pin30 StumbleTotal Shares 30    Located 30km away from Dali Old City, Shaping is famous for their weekly morning market. It’s on every Monday from 9am to 2pm. Just take a bus go north from Dali (10 CNY one way), and you’ll see many little villages around Erhai Lake. Shaping is one [...] Read more »

Eating Bugs in Jianshui, Yunnan, China – Video Proof!


+137 Tweet Share Pin11 StumbleTotal Shares 48    Jianshui Barbecue (Jianshui chaokao 建水 烧烤)   Jianshui is a small town in southern Yunnan Province, China. It’s not glamorous as Yangshuo or Dali. There’s not much to do or see. It’s not famous for anything, I don’t think. Yet this is one of personal favourite places [...] Read more »

Yuanyang Rice Terrace in Photos – Xinjie, Yunnan, China

12Jan31_Yuanyang Rice terrace Yunnan China

+14 Tweet Share Pin11 StumbleTotal Shares 15    Rice terraces are all around Yunnan Province, and Yuanyang is a good place to start. Yuanyang is divided into two: Nansha and Xinjie and we based ourselves in Xinjie for three days. The journey from Jianshui to Xinjie wasn’t easy but not difficult. The bus got us [...] Read more »