Pu’er tea is still a mystery to me. I like it and enjoy it, I truly do, but I still don’t know much about the process and the aging-related factors. There’s no one to explain to me at the tea shop in China, and there’s not enough information to study in English. It’s like a wine; there are more and more information and knowledge to learn.

I started to drink Pu’er tea when my obsession with good tea started about six years ago. In Korea, they call it ‘Boi Cha’, since that’s how phonetically read Chinese character. So I finally, and recently connected the dot that Boi cha is Pu’er tea. Oh, the language barrier.

In Yunnan Province, the home of Pu’er tea, Stephen and I visited Kunming Ten Fu Tea for a tasting. We are both very into tea, especially Pu’er tea, so it was one of the very important projects to do. One girl at the shop spoke enough English to explain us the process of Pu’er tea tasting. We experienced some language barriers but we all had a good laugh with it.

We tasted 2 years old and 3-year-old Pu’er tea, and purchased 2-year-old 358 grams disk for 80 yuan (13 US$). Pu’er is well known for its agreeability, but it doesn’t mean that older one is better. It’s about your preference.

We made the process and the information into a video. Do you like Pu’er Tea? What do you think about the tasting? Let me know what you think!

6 thoughts on “Pu’er Tea Tasting in Kunming, Yunnan, China”

  1. I love Pu-er’s for the most part some are too dirty tasting. They are a somewhat acquired taste. I had a thirty year aged tea on my 30th birthday! I would love to visit Yunnan some day

  2. I fell in love in Pu-er in year 2009. And visit Yunnan 3 times just for explore the knowledge about Pu-er. Do you guys know that tea tree is tree, not bushes, will grow very tall and some lived over hundreds of years in nature or even in the wild. Besides aged old Pu-er(too expensive), I think the Pu-er tea made from old tea tree(plus 300 years old) in nature is the best.

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