Me, in Tiger Leaping Gorge


Tiger Leaping Gorge, where the tiger leaped over to the other side of the gorge a long time ago, is considered one of the best hiking trails in China. It is located 60km north from Lijiang old town, Yunnan Province. This scenic canyon is the deepest gorge in the world. You are going to walk between Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Huba Snow Mountain, both over 5,000 metres tall. It is a not to miss experience because of its unique and magnificent view. It is a well beaten track, but there is a high risk of injury. Commitment and sturdy hiking shoes need to be taken to the hiking trail.


For two days while I was hiking in Tiger Leaping Gorge, I took 475 photos. I thought of leaving the DSLR camera behind, but I’m glad I took them hiking. It was heavy but it was worth it, as you can see below.


I have a lot to share about my two days hiking in Tiger Leaping Gorge. But before I say anything, I want to share some of the finest photos with you. China is giving me a hard time, time to time, but I’m glad to be here when I have moments like this.


Here are photos from Tiger Leaping Gorge.


Tiger Leaping Gorge stating point and Yangtze River
Tiger Leaping Gorge stating point and Yangtze River
Tiger Leaping Gorge, starting point with a great view
The scenery is inspiring from the beginning
Tiger Leaping Gorge starting with a great view
Looking back from the trail head
Tiger Leaping Gorge with the view of Yangtze River
Tiger Leaping Gorge with the view of Yangtze River
Tiger Leaping Gorge
Tiger Leaping Gorge one of the scenic spot
Hiking in Tiger Leaping Gorge
Me, Hiking in Tiger Leaping Gorge
at the half way, the view from guesthouse
The view from the guesthouse
Drinking Dali Beer with the view of Tiger Leaping Gorge
Drinking Dali Beer with the view of Tiger Leaping Gorge
Drinking Beer with a view of Tiger Leaping Gorge
Drinking Beer with a view of Tiger Leaping Gorge at the guesthouse
Our Hiking Group
Our Hiking Group


Sunset in Tiger Leaping Gorge
Sunset in Tiger Leaping Gorge


Before Sunrise at Tiger Leaping Gorge
Before Sunrise at Tiger Leaping Gorge
Goat traffic at Tiger Leaping Gorge
Goat Crossing at Tiger Leaping Gorge
Goat traffic
Traffic, Tiger Leaping Gorge version
Mountain Goat friends at Tiger Leaping Gorge
Mountain Goat, they certainly know what they are doing.
Villages on the mountain hillside
Villages on the mountain hillside
Rocky Tiger Leaping Gorge
Rocky Tiger Leaping Gorge
Halfway House in Tiger Leaping Gorge
At the Halfwayhouse. More than halfway though.
The view of Tiger Leaping Gorge at Halfway house toilet
The view of Tiger Leaping Gorge at Halfway house toilet
Hiking in Tiger Leaping Gorge, rough spot
Rocky Trails in Tiger Leaping Gorge
Crossing the waterfall in Tiger Leaping Gorge
Crossing the waterfall in Tiger Leaping Gorge
Waterfall in tiger Leaping Gorge
Waterfall is going into Yangtze River
Hiking path in Tiger Leaping Gorge
Well beaten path at the end of the trail
Sinchuan Bridge
'God stream' bridge

39 thoughts on “China’s Finest Hiking Trail: Tiger Leaping Gorge in Photos”

  1. Wowow-slash-오마이갓! These photos are AMAZING, Juno. I showed my bf too and he was in awe looking at them. The scenery looks amazing, especially the waterfalls and despite the terrifying goat (it’s their eyes…they have rectangular pupils. Creepy.) I can’t wait to see more of your photos from China.

    1. Thanks Tom! The mountain goats scared us because they were walking on the rocks on the cliff! But they knew what they were doing, I hope. It was a great time, and I wish I could take more photos on the trial but it was actually a quite difficult hiking.

  2. That waterfall! And those mountains! I can’t believe people live up there… now I have to go and shake hands with all of them.:)
    Great shots hun, and I love the one on the top with the backlight. Thumbs uuuppp!!! 🙂

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either. And we even met a group of people who were delivering a big generator to the village, by hands! Crazy… And the view is magnificent.

  3. Wow! I’m glad you took the DSLR, those photos are amazing!!! What spectacular scenery, you have definitely inspired me, as we will be heading to China later in the year 🙂

  4. Spectacular photos. I like the first one the most! It’s a National Geographic shot! You guys seemed so contented. Wish I was there…

    1. Wish you are here too Noel! Hope to meet you on the road soon. Any plan to visit Vietnam again? 🙂 How’w everything in Taiwan? PS. The first photos is taken by Stephen. 🙂

      1. Hope to meet you guys on the road too. No plan to visit Vietnam again. But when you guys are there, please visit the lady I chatted with in my recently published article in Hoi An and send her my regards. Things in Taiwan is ok, hanging in there. Will see how things go in the next couple of months. If I don’t like it I might leave just before the summer and head to the Philippines. Maybe see you there? hehehe 😛

        1. Oh the Philippines… I really want to go there. Maybe see you there? 🙂 Yeah we’ll try to find the lady. We only have a month in vietnam, so we might have to go back to explore more! 🙂 Hope things are alright in Taiwan!

  5. It’s so weird looking at these pictures and remembering it exactly how it was. I sat at that same exact table and saw those red lights from the mountains as well.

    1. Did you stay at the Horsetrail guesthouse too? It was a good place! And their food was amazing – and I know part of it is because we were hiking for 5 hours. 🙂 Great place.. inspiring views!

  6. Now I am really jealous! When got to the Tiger Leaping Gorge trail head a few years ago it was closed due to heavy rains and landslides and I didn’t get to hike it.

    1. Hi George, glad to hear that you are heading there! Actually you don’t need to organize it if you don’t need any guide to take you there. Most of the guesthouses or hostels will have informations about the bus and the accommodations. I’m sure there are few people will go hiking at the same time as you too. If you want two days hike (the most popular one), just get to Quitou, and start hiking. Ask your accommodation for the information! Good luck!

  7. Sounds like an amazing experience. And what great photos! Even the mountain goats look happy. I’m sure it must be an exhilarating hike and thrilling when you finish.

  8. Oh my. I always feel envious with travelers. Anyway, I am looking forward for my big break and experience a similar adventure. Your photos are just amazing. I feel so much appreciation on nature’s beauty by looking at them.

  9. Beautiful! I did this hike 4 years ago, and looking through your pictures was a strange feeling, as I took almost exactly the same ones! Glad you enjoyed the experience…

  10. Looks like a very nice place where we can have the holidays with the family…Great photos you have provided us here…I have to check this out…

  11. Bringing your camera was maybe the best decision you’ve made for your readers. You were able to share that gorgeous place. I don’t know what adjectives to use but really, the view is breathtaking. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  12. Just found your blog! Think I found my kindred spirit! Returned from Tiger leaping Gorge and your pictures capture it perfectly! While we were there (in winter), we were lucky enough to attend one of the local Dali weddings. The whole village came together and it was quite an amazing experience. Will be exploring through ur blog for more 🙂

  13. Discover the Beautiful Yunnan

    Awesome views and stunning photos! It is very worth to hike along the tiger leaping gorges, normally 2 days and stay in the local guesthouse along the way. Really unique travel experience will be!

  14. Rosemary Heller

    photos of a most beautiful place ! My husband and I hiked the gorge in 2011 and we will be returning to that area again in mid april. We had only two days there and I was thinking that we might return to spend more time in I was thinking of gorge, taking our time to explore the area. We stayed at the Naxi Family guest house ( outstanding) and the half way house. Where was your first stop We did not get to Walnut grove, but exited at Tina’s Guest house. Do you have any recommendations for guest houses in the gorge

    Keep traveling and see the world. My husband and I have been traveling together for almost 50 years and we are still going strong !!

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