January 20, 2015

My, What I Call, Life Lessons Learned from Miranda

I love comedy. It’s such a delicate art in the form of funny faces. Behind the silly conversations and laughter, subtle life lessons are hidden. That’s why I love it. My heroes all know how to use and respect humor: […]
January 14, 2015
Briefs: The Second Comming

BRIEFS: all male, all vaudeville, all trash

A Boy-lesque show, anyone? Who knew, I would be sitting in the theater for “boy-lesque”. I love theater shows, but I never encountered with burlesque shows. But it happened indeed. It was a show called “Briefs: The Second Coming” from […]
October 1, 2014

Why Gilmore Girls

Okay, I’m jumping on the bandwagon here. From New York Times to Buzzfeed, everyone is talking about The Gilmore Girls. Of course it’s a show worth talking about, but it’s not just that. The buzz was caused by the recent […]
July 22, 2014
Dory "Just Keep Swimming"

Lessons Learned from Dory

Finding Nemo changed the entire world’s view of the marine life completely. No matter where you are, someone yells “Nemo!” when they see a clown fish and no one questions why. The movie has aspects both grownups and kids could […]
September 13, 2013

Life Lessons from Tina Fey (and Why Comedy Rocks)

Comedy is the secret key to life I’m a huge fan of comedy. Or I should say American comedy (not slapstick). I started watching it a few years back, when my English was finally good enough to understand (sarcastic) TV […]