BRIEFS: all male, all vaudeville, all trash

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January 12, 2015
Edinburgh's Hogmanay
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January 17, 2015

BRIEFS: all male, all vaudeville, all trash

Briefs: The Second Comming

A Boy-lesque show, anyone?

Who knew, I would be sitting in the theater for “boy-lesque”. I love theater shows, but I never encountered with burlesque shows. But it happened indeed. It was a show called “Briefs: The Second Coming” from Australia. It was their last performance of the successful three-week run in Edinburgh’s Christmas, and my first.

I didn’t know what to expect. I sat down in the booth with my friends who also have never been to a burlesque show. Light’s out. The characteristic Fez Fa’anana, a bearded lady and ringmaster (their words) led the show. For the next hour or so, I went through so emotional roller coaster. I was quite shocked whey they actually stripped almost everything! I guess that’s normal in burlesque shows? I didn’t know! But “I mean… How?” were most of my thoughts. It just looked impossible, the acts they did. A performer named Louis Biggs solved the Rubik’s cube on stage while stripping and dancing. He dressed up as a schoolboy, obviously. It’s way more interesting than what it sounds. Once again, it was a big realization that human body could bend that much, to the other way! Oh my goodness, seriously! The highlight of the show was no doubt the closing act by Captain Kidd. His act was a combination of fantastic aerial hoop and rope circus and a big bowl of water. Again, it is way more interesting that what it sounds.

I don’t know if this is the core message they wanted to deliver, but they inspired me to work out more.

Thanks, Edinburgh’s Christmas for introducing me to the new world!

If they are performing in your city, go see them! It’s worth it.


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