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I’m inspired by women leaders. We need more of them in the world. Women’s empowerment is a force behind a lot of my projects and I strive to empower others and be a good leader. Since I got to know entrepreneurs supporting breastfeeding and pumping moms, I met so many amazing women business owners. Among them was Carrie, the brain behind a clothing brand Popsiclo. Here is my conversation with her and more about her brand.

Exploring Gyeongbokgung with my Popsiclo overall

When I saw photos of Popsiclo clothing, I instantly fell in love. They had fun colors, a flattering fit, and it’s women-owned! I became a fan and got to know Carrie. Chatting with her, I could relate to so many reasons why she decided to create Popsiclo. I didn’t have many maternity clothes when I was pregnant. I didn’t like buying clothes because different parts of my body had sizes of their own and it was challenging to find something I liked. And of course, it was harder when I got bigger. I wish I had known Popsiclo. After my baby girl was born, I was focused on getting breastfeeding and pumping going, I had no time to properly dress. At times, I felt like a house troll. It’s an amazing feeling to put something that’s beautiful, functioning, and doesn’t make me feel bad about my body. Her overalls are for parents of all stages, and I’m enjoying wearing them now!

Hi Carrie, please introduce yourself! Also, where are you based? 

I’m the founder and CEO of Popsiclo, a clothing brand that specializes in overalls for shorter parents. The idea for the overalls came about when I was pregnant with my son and struggled to find any clothing that made me feel confident and comfortable as my body changed. Popsiclo Trailblazer Overalls are designed to be fun and functional and are made to fit well through pregnancy and beyond. I live in San Diego with my husband, son, and our corgi, Daisy. Popsiclo is based in San Diego, CA and we design and manufacture in Southern California. 

Popsiclo is such a fun brand. What made you decide to start a clothing brand? 

For many years, starting from when I was a child, a big dream of mine was to create a product and follow it from conception to market. I wanted to be able to connect with consumers through a product that I made just for them and to be able to help ease a pain point for them. Clothing has always been a sore spot for me, it never seems to fit right and this issue was exacerbated when I got pregnant. I started Popsiclo because I realized that many other shorter parents struggled to find clothing that worked for them through all stages of pregnancy and beyond.

What is the meaning behind the name, Popsiclo? 

Popsiclo is a fun name that we came up with to express joy. It can be interpreted many ways like pop in terms of a state of being like “someone is pregnant and about to pop!” an action like “pop and bust a move” or a phrase like “keep popping!” and clo in terms of “clothing” which has also been interpreted as “confident and glowing”. 

What did you do before starting Popsiclo? 

Before starting Popsiclo I worked in sales and marketing for health and beauty care and food companies. I also attended business school full-time for a couple of years and earned my MBA. I came up with the idea of Popsiclo during my pregnancy and have been nurturing the business for the same timeframe I have been caring for my son.  

Your designs are beautiful. I especially like the Painted Pastel Trailblazer, which I like to call “unicorn color”. Did you design them yourself? What are the stories behind it? 

Thank you! When I was pregnant I noticed that maternity clothes were often in solid colors so it was really important to me to create prints that were fresh, artistic, and colorful in order to help myself and others express themselves while pregnant and as parents. Our prints are designed in-house by fashion designers who create art-inspired prints that are beautiful and work together as a color family. We strive to create designs that are made to be versatile and photo-ready in any situation from running errands to hanging out at the park to enjoying a fancy night out.  

The Painted Pastel colors match with spring cherry blossom petals. Isn’t it beautiful?

What is the biggest challenge as a small business owner?

The biggest challenges as a small business owner are handling many aspects of the business oneself and finding ways to stand out and get noticed in a busy marketplace. It is also essential to figure out ways to get the most exposure while staying within budget. As a brand it is important to differentiate yourself and earn the consumers’ trust which takes a lot of trial and error, creativity, and effort. 

What is the vision for Popsiclo? Are you thinking of releasing more designs, more styles, and other products? 

My vision for Popsiclo is to continue to focus on specializing in maternity overalls for shorter parents (our overalls fit up to 5’6” and below) and to roll out other accessories in the near term. We have plans for line extensions in the future for other heights. We also want to look into building more clothing essentials that work for parents through all stages of pregnancy and beyond just like the overalls do.

What was the most rewarding moment of your business so far? 

It takes a lot of patience and experimentation but is really fulfilling to follow a business from product concept to the sales cycle. The most rewarding thing has been being able to collaborate with and support other female-run businesses and to see the support that we have been getting from people as they discover our brand and mission.  

As a mother, what wisdom would you like to share with new parents like me? 

You tend to know how things should go in theory but the reality may be different and you’ll have to find ways to improvise and create solutions that work for you and the child. I try to make it a routine to keep giving my son opportunities to try or experience things that may not have resonated with him previously and I am often pleasantly surprised with how he seems to adapt and view the world. 

Anything we should know about you or Popsiclo? 

We are a small, women-owned business and would love for people to check out our website at and on social media (Instagram and TikTok) @hellopopsiclo.

If you’re expecting, already gave birth, or simply enjoy wearing fun clothes, make sure to check out Popsiclo! If your friend is expecting, add it to the baby shower item! Their clothing is made with great quality cotton and hemp, and has quickly become my favorite pants for an outing. The front zip pocket holds my breast pump and all other pockets are super useful. I like that it has the perfect length because my Asian body proportion (long torso and short legs), pants are usually too long for me. And yes, the “pop” colors are amazing. Can you say I love it? I truly do!

#This post was made in partnership with Popsiclo. However, as always, all opinions are honest and my own.

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