New Year's Resolutions

It’s the time of the year: to write the New Year’s Resolutions!

It’s the second week of the New Year. How’s it going so far? Are you keeping your New Year’s resolutions? I’m still trying to keep up the “25 Don’ts in the New Year” list I made last year. It’s not too hard because I’m a glass-half-full kind of person, but I regret to say that I still work on the bed time to time (a lot). Sorry I let you down, last year’s me. But hey, I got a descent working station for next couple months, so let’s see how this is going, shall we?

I made a list of things that I should do more or less. I’m a complex creature with lots of interests, including comedy. That lead me to spend a lot of time at something else that I probably shouldn’t. That has to stop! Or, just need to be managed better. So here they are, my list to do more or less.


Drink more water: because it’s good for everything.

Watch less TV: I do watch a lot of comedy. Either I have to get a job at TV industry, or watch less TV.

Work harder

Less holding-phone time: less electronic time is crucial!

Meet more people

Be more confident: I have to remind myself whenever I’m being a wuss.

Hike more: more hike and travel!

Do more crazy things: like jumping off waterfalls, Loony Dooking, sand-skiing.

Be more active

Don’t forget to floss: everyday.

Less procrastination

Learn a new skill: new sports, new art skills, new photography skills…. anything!

Less caffeine: I don’t take much caffeine now, but it can be less.

Celebrate more: this is crucial. We need to celebrate more! Even if for a teeny tiny little thing, let’s celebrate. Life is short.

Love more: love your partner, love your family, love your friends… all you need (maybe not all, but it’s quite important) is love!

Try harder, and do more

Be more positive

Trust myself more

Write more journal: blogging is not a journal. Write more daily diaries!

Make realistic goals: this is hard, but it’s an ongoing project.

Give myself a second chance: be generous to myself and give a second chance.

Sing more: I used to sing all the time. I still do, sometimes, but sing more! Life can be a musical.

Be bold!

Be big! (not literally)

Be the best version of myself


What’s on your list?


4 thoughts on “My So-Called New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. This is a brilliant list, Juno! Definitely sing more. I deliberately did that this year (remembered to put music on at home more often, etc) and it really lifted my mood! That, and karaoke. I also love the celebrating more thing. I’m planning a whole heap of celebrating this year as my blog is turning 10 and I’ve mapped out a different way to celebrate each month. It’ll keep me busy, but happy.

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