25 Don'ts in the New Year


It’s almost a new year!

Did you write down your New Year’s resolution yet? Your personal goals? Professional achievements? I also have so many things that I want to do next year, but one of my goals is to be realistic. Make a realistic list, and actually make it happen. Ambitious, I know!
To greet all-new year 2013, I wrote down 25 Don’ts in the New Year. I am the one who needs to listen my own advice, in fact. Here are 25 things to remember in the new year.

(1) Don’t get comfortable with your unhappiness


Don’t ever get comfortable with your unhappiness. I know it’s easier to accept the reality than pursuit something beyond. But you deserve better. If you notice something’s going to the direction you don’t want, think twice before say ‘there’s nothing I can do’.



(2) Don’t forget what you already have


Life is too short to drink bad wine, and life is too short to count what you don’t have. You may not as rich as the person in the newspaper, you don’t have an e-book reader, you don’t have a faster computer… the list goes on and on. Stop and look around, what do you have? Count things you already have, and be grateful.



(3) Don’t say you are ‘the citizen of the world’ in a condescending tone


Just, don’t.



(4) Don’t stop trying


It’s better to try and ass-kicked by the world, than not trying at all. It’s better to know the result than constantly wondering. Not everyone can afford the failure, financially or emotionally, but for sure it won’t kill you. Why not trying something new? So what if you failed last time. Who knows if you’ll success this time?



(5) Don’t ignore people who are already on your side


Bloggers, and many other professions, are always worrying about how to get more readers, and more attention. Before making the grand strategy to get more followers, turn around and see all the people who already follow you. That’s my number one advice to the people who asking me ‘how to get more fans?’.



(6) Don’t beat yourself up


Be kind to yourself. As much as it’s important to be nice to other people, it’s important to remember to be kind to yourself. Acknowledge things you’ve done, things you’re good at, the goodness inside of you.


If Mona Lisa can smile, we can.
If Mona Lisa can smile, we can.


(7) Don’t be a negative Nancy


Life if hard. But guess what? It’s hard for everyone. You can face the difficulties with a big smile and a positive attitude, or the opposite. If there’s a problem for you to fix, wouldn’t it be better to do it with a smile?



(8) Don’t just take off


Please, do travel, make yourself happy but don’t just take off when you have a certain responsibility. You don’t need to be irresponsible to be free. Make sure there’s a person to take over your work before you quit the job, let your family know that you’re leaving, and prepare yourself. Traveling as a job seems like running away from the responsibility, but there will be new challenges to tackle. Be a grown up, be responsible, in any scenarios. Don’t say ‘it’s my life!’ and walk away. It is your life, but it’s not right to hurt other people.



(9) Don’t forget it’s your life


If you feel the life is too complicated, take a deep breath and think what your focuses are. Are you thinking about yourself, or the others? Are you focusing on making your life rich, or worrying about what others would think?



(11) Don’t drink too much


I enjoy microbrew beer, good quality wine, Icelandic liquorish liquor, but I don’t enjoy being drunk. I like the tipsy feeling but I don’t like to make a complete fool of myself, especially if I’m in overseas. For safety reasons and sanity reasons; don’t drink too much.


Making yourself happy, doing something you love.
Making yourself happy, doing something you love.



(12) Don’t forget to exercise


Stretching, running, push-ups, sit-ups, walking… these activities don’t requite a lot of gears or spaces. Especially if you are self-employed, don’t forget to spare an hour or two to go outside and exercise.



(13) Don’t procrastinate


I think this would be the hardest thing; to not procrastinate. I don’t know why it’s so easy to say “I’ll do it tomorrow” instead of “Let’s do it right now!”. Procrastinating is a part of human nature, but try to reduce it step by step.



(14) Don’t be a hater


There were a lot of controversies in travel blogging community over the years. And I’m sure it’s same in every different professions and societies. Don’t be a hater just because you don’t like what others do. You can disagree but you don’t have to trash others work and their feelings. Why would you?

(15) Don’t work in your bed


Everywhere can be the office, but not the bed. I like to work on the bed as well, but I’m trying to get rid of the habit. I think it’s important to have places with certain purposes. For your solid eight-hour sleep, don’t work in your bed.



(16) Don’t be stingy


Be generous. Share your talent.



(17) Don’t be sarcastic


You don’t need to be sarcastic to prove your point. If you have to say ‘I’m kidding’ at the end of the joke, it’s not a very good joke.


Working on a river boat in Borneo
Working on a river boat in Borneo


(18) Don’t stop believin’


The most-downloaded iTunes song has a point; don’t stop believin’. I don’t fully understand what the messages are from the song, but I agree with what they are saying. Believe what you believe. There’s no reason to stop.



(19) Don’t compare yourself with others


Everyone’s different. Everyone has his or her secrets. Don’t compare yourself with others: career, physical shape, money, and talent… No one’s same. Comparing things always landing on ‘I’m unfortunate’. Maybe that’s true, maybe you really are unfortunate person but what you’re going to do? The only valid reason to compare yourself with others is when you want to be pushed. It helps, to see the goals what others achieved. Otherwise, avoid the thought.



(20) Don’t regret


One of the things comes with being a grown-up is to take the responsibilities. This is what I’ve learned while working as self-employed and making my own life paths. There’s no one to blame for the failure, and no one’s going to take the success away. Whatever comes, don’t regret. Don’t say ‘I should’ve…’. It’s important to remember what went wrong, but don’t regret and especially don’t punch yourself.



(21) Don’t stand close to a barking dog 


No matter how much we adore animals, we can be a treat to them. If they are barking, don’t try to pet them. An advice to myself.



(22) Don’t express your level of stress to purchase something very expensive and useless 


You do deserve nice things, since you work so hard, but at least think twice what’s in your shopping basket. You really don’t need $250 rubber boots just because you are stressed from work. How about find a healthier way to express your feelings?



(23) Don’t underestimate yourself


Think twice before you say ‘I can’t.’ Don’t underestimate your abilities. If you have something you want to try, then do it. If you’re not sure if you can do it or not, there’s only one-way to find out.



(24) Don’t overestimate yourself


Also it’s important not to overestimate yourself. Remember I said don’t beat yourself up? If you overestimate your abilities, and the result is not good, it’s natural to say ‘you idiot!’ and punch yourself in the face. I know you want to think you are a super human with unlimited energy, but sadly no one is. Accept the fact you can get tired, you need a break, and there’s certain things you cannot do in million years.



(25) Don’t forget you are awesome! 


Sparkles for New Year


Happy New Year!



15 thoughts on “25 Don’ts in the New Year”

  1. I love this idea! I usually make up a list of “do’s” for my New Year’s resolutions. But then I hardly ever DO any of them. But I think I can handle doing some don’ts… seeing as I’m already pretty good at not doing stuff. 🙂

  2. Great list Juno. I usually don’t write down goals or new years resolutions but some of these are worth writing down and putting somewhere that I’ll see them often.

  3. I really enjoyed these. A New Year’s Don’t List is a great concept. I especially like the points about not being a hater, remaining positive, exercising and not underestimating yourself. I need to work on a few (exercising, for one), and a few I already practice, like trying to not think negative thoughts. I try to remember that what energy we release, we also receive. In other words, what goes around comes around 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing such great ideas with the world. I believe the world is ours to live and share it with the people around us.

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