How fortunate of me! Sometimes I think.

My life style is based on Traveling, and how lucky to be born with things that are not in the way of my traveling. If I think about my friends…. Few of my closest friends have many points that are opposite of me. They are extremely sensitive about where, when, who they sleep with, physically can’t drink any alcohol, hygiene is something they can’t give up and picky about food. Of course they have so many different things that I can’t possibly have. It’s just different but if I am in their shoes, it will be so hard to travel. In that case I might find another occupation that will keep me alive. Maybe.

So, I feel lucky to have all that. And I feel, and I know, that I was born to travel.


An Easy Sleeper

Sleep on a Siem Reap airport bench


This is one of the reasons why I like red eye transportations. My first overseas plane ride was a 12 hours red-eye. My favourite train ride is Seoul to Busan, 5 hours red-eye. Do you see patterns here? I literally can sleep anywhere. On moving vehicle, bus station bench, airport, karaoke, open field… countless places I’ve slept on. This had been great quality of me when I studied. But didn’t know this is going to be the best thing for travel! Most of all, of course it’s great for a hostel life. I’m a heavy sleeper as well. It could be bad if someone is stilling from me while I’m in bed, but that didn’t happen yet. And I prefer a top bunk, so that helps too. Also I can trade a comfort bed for about everything else, like decent food or exciting adventures. It’s budget friendly and stress-free!


Not picky about Hygiene

My gum boots for bush walk


Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean that I’m dirty. I think this means just I can cope the whatever situation and don’t feel stress about it. One day, we lost water for few days in Melaka, Malaysia. We had to clean up with baby wipes (and this is why I never travel without them), but I was okay. It’s just few days, not a big deal. Of course I’m careful about it if it could compromise my health. However I don’t think I have to be perfectly clean all the time. Once I wrote this in my guest post on Downtown Traveler, as a city girl’s guide to adventure travel. Some dirt won’t kill you. Maybe I have a great immune system so I don’t get sick so easily. In that case, it’s fortunate of me as well. Oh! and I don’t have to use shower like 45mins everyday, so that helps me to stay in hostel without any sorry feeling.


Easy Stomach



Happy to say, I didn’t have any problems with food so far. Actually food is one of the reasons why I travel. It gives me unmeasurable joy! During my travels, one food I had to turn down was a bowl of oatmeal cooked with (a lot of) sugar and milk. Maybe because I’m not a sweet tooth, it shocked my head and gave me a headache. Next day I tried with salt later and I liked it. Phew! So I’m good with oatmeal. Other than that, I’m good with everything. I haven’t been to many places yet and I’m willing to try every food on the way. Food is the most important factor on travels to get to know the place, people and a whole culture. I’m happy for myself because I can appreciate good food.


Optimism and Sarcasm

Sad for the dead plant..


These two are not exactly on the list of ‘things that go well with’. But I think this is another great thing of me to be a traveler. I am quite an optimist. Sometimes way over the top, I can feel that. However, at the same time I am sarcastic. I appreciate humor and jokes and especially sarcastic jokes. I don’t get disappointed because I’m optimistic. Even if something is objectively bad like bad weather, but it’s just what it is. We don’t get clear sky all the time. When I was in Hong Kong, I didn’t have a chance to see the famous big Buddha because of the most thick fog I’ve ever seen, but that was okay. I liked it. On the contrary, when I’m being sarcastic, I make things funnier. My friend Meaghan and I accidentally visited the worst botanic garden, and we had a blast making fun of it. Sarcastic-harmless little jokes, has been a great buddy on the road.


Drinkable Liver

Monteith brewery! 7-different flavours..


I’m so glad because I can drink. Strong liver is not for get wasted all the time, it’s for enjoying the moment. Along with food, alcohol is another great factor to enjoy other cultures. Often it goes well with a great meal. Hypothetically, if I’m in Chile right now but I have a liver that can’t resolve alcohol.. I would be really sad. Monteith lime-flavoured beer is one of the best I’ve ever had, but if I couldn’t taste all seven beers from Monteith brewery, I would be really sad. If I can’t drink, I didn’t have a chance to have my the worst hangover! And didn’t have a good time at the legen-wait for it-dary Angkor What? bar! All the beer that helped me relax on the road, great mojito in Cambodia, cheap but great wine in New Zealand… I feel lucky to have well functioned liver.



What do you think? Do you think you were born to travel?


71 thoughts on “Born to Travel”

  1. You’re lucky with all of those, especially with the stomach. I almost always get sick when I travel. And I need to learn from your optimism! Sarcasm I’ve got…

    1. Aw, sorry to hear that. No matter what reason, being sick during traveling is not fun at all. Careful out there!! Sarcasm, I enjoy a lot. 🙂

  2. I don’t think I’m born to travel. I have no sense of direction, get lost EVERYWHERE, even in my own country. I’m neurotic, afraid of someone hurting me or robbing me. I don’t like bugs. Or rats. Or monkeys. I’m very accident prone. But I LOVE traveling. I love backpacking. I would do it my whole life if I could. Maybe I’m just crazy?

  3. Too cute – loved this! You’ve certainly listed the requirements for being a happy traveller. John can’t sleep on public transport so he struggles with that and I’m not a fan of grimy things (I’ve been wanting to wash our sneakers for about three weeks now but every laundromat in Chile seems to be full-service and they won’t accept them). Otherwise we’re pretty good with the other stuff! We also travel everywhere with baby wipes, haha

    1. Thanks Andrea! Aw, sorry for your sneakers!! Why don’t you go swim with the sneakers on it?? 🙂 It will be salty but clear at least! 🙂
      Yes, baby wipes rock.

  4. I most definetly fit a few of these things, drinking – check, eating – check, scacasim – check, sleeping – no chance! I can’t sleep on a plane, simple as that. I am that guy who is up 36 hours straight when travelling across the world.

    Saying that after a few beers I can easily fall asleep on the wrong train and end waking up on a random train station platform in the middle of the Surrey countryside at 4.30am, wondering how the hell did I get there.

    1. No sleeping on the plane??? That must be painful.. So you watch like 5 movies in a row?
      Oh the train thing, I’ve done it definitely. Often do that in Seoul subway as well… thought exactly “how the hell did I get here?”

    1. Thanks Christy! I’ve learn that from my friends who can’t drink. I didn’t know that’s really possible when I was young but it is possible to some people. I had a wonderful glass of Kiwi wine when I was in New Zealand, and imagine if I can’t even taste it.. so pitty. So yes, I think we should thank to our liver. 🙂

  5. Juno, the more I read on your blog, the more I like you. Hehe. All those aspects of your personality you mentioned make you one awesome girl! 😀

    1. How sweet of you Ceri. Thank you very much. Glad you like my posts!! And I’m so happy to share all this with a wonderful travelers as well. I’m happy with my ‘abilities’ as well. Consider myself pretty lucky. 🙂

    1. Not even in a sleeper train!? What did you do then? Stay up, reading ? Or.. Social media-ing? or.. just lie down and try to sleep?
      I always wonder.
      Heavy sleeper is good in any occasion. Well, it wasn’t for a LOT of school days though… 🙂

    1. Yes, food is really important when I travel. I’ve noticed that you are a huge fan as well!!
      I’m grateful for all of those points, really. Glad to be not sensitive!! 🙂

  6. HAHAHA! I love your sad plant pose – I had a good chuckle out of that. So it is determined, I will visit Korea one day. I must hang out with you! With food and alcohol on your “like” list, we’ll have an amazing time! <3

    1. It’s my friend Meaghan. 🙂 Yes yes yes. Well, not necessarily in Korea, when our cross is passed, we shall drink and have amazing food!!!!! 🙂

  7. woohoo! what a great article!! Don’t get me wrong.. im not dirty.. ! hahaha i LOVE That! u’re so cute girl. Yeah well i think u and me blessed with the gift of sleep. i too can Zzzz anywhere.. not bad esp for the redeye, noisy trains and bus rides!

    1. Thanks girl! Yes I am not DIRTY. 🙂 Being lazy is a good thing sometimes. hehe.. Sleep good is really important. At least few hours on the bus or plane, totally changed all day plan, right? We are blessed girl!

  8. I can sleep anywhere, but I don’t have a drinkable liver. I have a decent stomach usually, but I got really sick in Peru. I guess I’m a ~so so traveler according to your terms 🙂

  9. Hi Juno,
    congrats for the post, really nice one.
    I have to say that luckly I fit your description of the “born to be a traveller” person a 100%. I also have to add that I feel I was born to travel ‘couse no matter where I am, (actually the most remote and strange the place is, the better…) I always feel home, and strangely, whenever I’m home I feel I should be somewhere else 🙂
    Happy Travels,

    1. Thanks Stefano! Glad to hear that you have same talents as I do! Feel home whenever, wherever you are is really important. After all, I think that’s why we keep moving places to places. To fine a perfect place for us, to find a ‘home’.

  10. Great post, I love it! Strong stomach and liver are definitely things that I have…mostly haha! Also, the ability to deal with painful (and inevitable) sunburn!

    I think being Korean helps with the sleeping on transport. Whenever I travel on a plane or at night, most of the Koreans seem to be in a deep sleep while I’m awake, uncomfortable, and can’t sleep for more than 20 minutes at a time! ㅋㅋ

    1. Why do you think “being Korean” helps? There’s no special ability in a certain Nationality. Nationality is nothing to do with this. I don’t think.

      1. Wow I didn’t mean to offend…

        It’s just something I’ve noticed, as a foreigner who’s lived in Korea for a couple of years now. In my home country it’s very rare that someone is able to sleep on public transport, at any time of day, whereas in Korea, anybody seems to be able to nap at any time! I wish I could do the same…as soon as there’s movement, there’s no sleep for me….usually not until the end of a train ride or flight, which is when I should be wide awake…

  11. “check” to all of the above! Except being an easy sleeper 🙁 Noise really doesn’t make me sleep. But earplugs are my best friends while traveling 🙂 And I love sleeping on buses! When I was little my parents used to take me for a car ride so that I fell asleep because it was the only way. Must be a memory of that!
    I love the pics sis, so funny 🙂

    1. So cute!! you were a born traveler, since you were sleeping in the car!! 🙂 I rarely use earplug because I feel like it will increase pressure in my brain. Must be just feelings but still it’s not pleasant. It’s just me!

  12. I love this post. You are definitely born to travel! Love your gum boots too. I want a pair:) I am like you, I can sleep anywhere too. It makes travelling much easier to be able to catch some rest.

    1. My gum boots are getting popular now! Sleep anywhere is such a gift, I learn it from others. That’s why we should see the world I think. All the moving and traveling make us to appreciate what we have already. That’s awesome. Like learning the world backward.

  13. Ooh, I am just oozing with jealousy here! I am a terrible sleeper and always get sick (perhaps the two are related?) But I just don’t let that stop me!

    1. Aw, you are oozing for me! Yes I think lack of sleep makes us sick any time. Yes, like you said nothing can stop us moving! That’s the thing.

  14. Haha, this really made me laugh! I love it when people see the positives in everything. I’m the same, definitely a born traveller but my boyfriend is the opposite. This was a pain at first but after a few months he adjusted and just got used to things like sleeping on a bus, spicy food and general optimism. I think you have to otherwise you’d go crazy while travelling. Its amazing what you adjust to!

    1. Good for him! General optimism is such an important thing while on the road. Glad I’m like that. I see so many people complaining about everything, even when something happened because of their own fault. What’s the point of travel then?
      Not willing to learn local language, not even a bit, finding McDonald’s wherever they go…I’m not judging but that’s not how I roll.
      Cheers for our sweet abilities!!

    1. Thanks Nicole! It’s Korean food actually. Seasoned-cooked spicy port and vegetables with various side dishes. Yummm.. gotta love those side dishes. I love food lovers!!! 🙂

  15. Hi Juno
    Love reading about your adventures, shows you have the right attitude in life. Like you I possess the 3 main atributes for travelling (1) – ability to sleep/katnap anywhere, (2) – strong stomach and (3) – cast iron liver, haha
    Just one question ?? How do you manage with metal chopsticks?? Wooden, bamboo, plastic, I have no problem with but metal – end up with more in my lap than my mouth, haha. Even a year working with your fine countrymen has been to no avail. Just keep a supply of my favorite “Kuaizi” when I travel abroard, haha
    Keep up the lovely blog and look forward to reading more of your adventures
    Take care “jal issoyo”

  16. Aww…QUALITY points of travelers!I’ll ticked all those boxes while reminiscing some of my experience.
    Sleeping under the moonlight in White Desert-*checked*
    Ofcoz, no water in the desert=no shower-*checked*
    Eating 번대기 as if I’m enjoying popcorn *checked*
    Can’t drink alcohol…so,as a “sub”, i salsa-ing in one of the club in Barca..
    I’ll enjoy life if you adapt to the surrounding and being flexible~:)

  17. Haha, awesome! What about resistance toward bug bites and non sensitive skin (toward cheapo soaps and lotions)? It will be handy if I was born with that! I love Honduras, but my skin is itching everywhere now and looking so bad!

    1. Non sensitive skin is a good point. Actually I’m grateful for that too. For travel, and for being able to wear cute earrings, any kind!! 🙂
      Good luck with itching skin Dina! Don’t scratch!!

  18. Haha, great post.

    One weird think about the drinkable liver though. In my case, my liver HATES me when i go out on a big night out, and most times i stay hung over for days on end. On the road however i can drink non stop for 24 hours and feel fresh as a kleenex the next day. Strange huh?

    You have some good points though, i have always been a bit confused as to why my friends go on two-week resort holidays and spend as much money on that as i would on a three month trip around, say, India.. I guess it’s part that they don’t realize how brilliantly awesome independent travel is, and part that they’re anal about hygiene, food and all that.

  19. I have most of these things too. I can also sleep just about anywhere. I used to be bad where I could not sleep if people were snoring but now I can even sleep through that unless it is SUPER loud.
    I also have spent the majority of a trip to Fiji bathing with only baby wipes (showers once a week… for a month!).
    I am a bit of a picky eater at home but try to open my tastes when I travel. I can always find at least one local thing I really like. I still don’t like kimchi though!! (But I love korean bbq!)
    And I love a drink too, fruit soju (but not straight!!) delicious. I can drink a beer anywhere too. 🙂

  20. I think the healthy attitude about alcohol informs the rest of your post. I don’t consider that I’ve really visited a place until I’ve sampled the local beer and wine. Cheers.

  21. I love this post! drinkable liver ~ a must if u want to taste different alcohol like in every places u visited.!

    Come come to Philippines! ^_^

  22. Agree with all for me except the first two. I’m a neat freak who has trouble sleeping! Having said that, it’s amazing at how putting yourself out there constantly will force you to change your perspective on certain things that you thought were always a part of you. Unfortunately the sleeping thing must be genetic!

  23. I most definitely was born to travel! Ive never had such joy for life than I have had over the last 12 months (since we started our nomadic life). I have never felt at peace like I do now. And I have never felt my life had such purpose like it does now.

    Thanks for another entertaining post 🙂

  24. Wow! I realised I am pretty lucky as well. I’m flexible on comfort, will try all the local foods, very optimistic about everything, can sleep anywhere (airport etc.) but drinking is definitely not for me. Since I ‘m Asian and I have this red face reaction to alcohol where once I drink, my face will turn deep red like when you exercised which makes it is quite uncomfortable. It’s like you are ill from the flu, but for me it’s from drinking too much alcohol.

    You are lucky to have all these traits though. 🙂

  25. Hi Juno! I found you in Chris Guillebeau’s book! I too, was born to travel though I can’t sleep sitting up (I listen to music and watch movies for 17 hours straight!) I get lost EVERYWHERE (which just makes for awesome, secret discoveries and crazy new friends!) foreign food sometimes makes me sick (but I can happily just eat nothing for days on end) I have a low tolerance for alcohol (would rather drink fresh juice anyway!) and for the last ten years, I have lived in welfare (somehow, I manage to travel without money). Anyway, I just wanted to say KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, JUNO!! You’re an inspiration! ????

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