“Be consistent”


Is the number one advice from most of the leading bloggers. Meaning, be consistence and predictive in scheduling for your readers. Make a routine and stick to it; after all, we are all living under a certain routine everyday.


I’ve been trying to be consistence as much as possible, but I have to confess, I haven’t done a very good job at it. Mostly because of my constant travel schedule (true, but a lame excuse) and I’ve been adding categories over the years.


Here I’m sharing Runaway Juno‘s publishing schedule, and I’ll try be more consistence this year. My first New Year’s resolution!


Tuesday: Runaway Tales


The main category of Runaway Juno is Runaway Tales, where I share most of my travel and life stories. You can find the big and small, wacky and serious life histories, like my career changing story, why I dressed up as a ‘victim of fan death’, my ridiculous visa run story in Vietnam, some of my worst travel nightmares, the day I finally went to see Wicked the musical, how I saved turtles on the highway and more.


Find the update every Tuesday.




Wednesday: Korean Food Wednesday


As a Korean, and as a semi-professional cook, I love cooking Korean food challenge. I’ve learned a lot about my country’s cuisine during my times overseas, and successfully executed several Korean-style dinners. I’m sharing my tips, recipes and stories on Korean Food Wednesday, twice a month. I’ve been cooking my way around the world from Vietnam to Germany to the US, and don’t have any intension to stop it soon.




Thursday: Runaway to/ Runaway Tips


You can find destinations, tips and foods on Thursday.

Introducing destinations (activities and attractions) on Runaway to, blogging/ social media/ travel/ career break tips on Runaway Tips, and introducing world cuisine on Runaway Food. Find it on every Thursday.




Friday: Runaway Photos


Every Friday is ‘Runaway Photo Friday’, the second most important category on Runaway Juno. I’m sharing my photography on every Friday through this category. You can find photo essays about destination, food, culture, story, scenery, history and more. This is one of my favourite categories because I can share my photography on one post.


If you want to make your eyes happy, find Runaway Photos on Friday.




Saturday: Runaway to Sister’s City


I started this category with Giulia of Travel Reportage. We exchanged stories about our ‘home’ city: Seoul (Korea) and Cairo (Egypt), and I’ve been running this category ever since. My friends around the world are introducing their home cities through an interview. You can learn the inside tips from this post. They revealed the secrets!

The idea behind this category was: everywhere can be a destination. Even Brookings, SD has a lot of interesting places that we didn’t know.

If you want to be a part of it to share your city, please don’t hesitate to contact me!



Sunday: Runaway Subscription Saturday


The RSS: Runaway Subscription Saturday has been moved to Sunday, but kept the name. This is the opportunity to catch up what has been going on that week. I’m sharing five posts from other websites.


Please don’t miss out my updates without visiting Runaway Juno every day!


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