There’s nothing quite like family …

If you’ve ever been on a huge family holiday, and by that I’m talking extended family, aunts, uncles, great aunt Nelly twice removed, then you will know why they can be stressful, to say the least. There are far too many conflicting opinions, desires, and needs to get everyone in the same place at the same time, and if you’re the one left to organise it – hello headache!


If you’re trying to coordinate getting everyone to the airport at the same time, a good option is to drive and book your parking space through Airparks. I find this the least stressful way to get from home to the terminal door, and it also saves money when compared with expensive public transport and taxis. It doesn’t matter where you’re flying from either, as even regional airports offer a service, such as fantastic facilities on offer for Leeds Bradford Airport parking. You might have several family members coming from various different parts of the country, so passing this information onto them might ease the passage of getting from A to B somewhat.

Once you’re at the airport, I’d personally take the stand of looking after yourself and your nearest and dearest! This might sound harsh, but if there are many of you, and you’re trying to act like the school ma’am, herding everyone in the same direction, you’re just going to end up stressed and borderline insane by the end of it. Give everyone the correct information on where to go in good time, make sure they’ve got all the paperwork they need, and then just wash your hands of it, that’s the best advice to give!

The travel part is often the most hair pulling stage of going away on holiday, because once you’re there, you can leave everyone to their own devices. You’re never going to get everyone to want to do the same thing, on the same day, at the same time; someone might want to stay in bed a bit longer, someone might like to get up and fetch a newspaper at the crack of dawn, but giving options and going with the majority is really the best bet.

If you have elderly members of the family heading away with you, do give some thought to where you book your hotel. It’s no good booking accommodation at the top of cardiac hill, because you’re going to have a serious problem at the very least. Do a bit of research beforehand, and I always find Trip Advisor is the best place to head for accurate descriptions of location. Your hotel website could say 200m to the beach, but you might get there and find it’s more like 600m! If you address this concern before booking, you’ll save yourself a heap of stress and anxiety once you’re there.

Probably the best advice to give for this kind of break is to simply stay calm. You might feel like locking yourself in a dark room and screaming at the top of your lungs at some point during the break, but try and resist the urge if you can, after all, family holidays really are the best kind.


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