I love red eye transportation. My love of night rider started when I traveled to Busan. It’s 5 and a half an hour Ride by train, so it was quite perfect timing for catch a red eye. It leaves around mid night, so after a good night sleep, a busan breakfast is waiting for me in the other end.

Busan was my favorite getaway place in the country during my university. And I think a Buber part is because of the train.

Some would avoid the night ride because it’s impossible to see the scenery. But I beg to differ. Its maybe because I’m an astronomy buff, but I love quiet night time and the view. It is not nothing, it’s everything. The imagination, the other side, calm and peace.

Basically the train passed country side more than half Of the time. And I loved it.

One time, I went three days trip to busan without any accommodation. I spend the first night in the train, up all night at the beach the next day and sleep in the train on the way back. Brilliant, right?




One of the best red eye bus ride is from Wellington to Auckland, New Zealand. I went through all around the south island and settled in Wellington for a while. Then my next destination is to Auckland. Which way to go… There was, train, bus and airplane. But I’ve set my mind to star light bus as soon as I saw the ad at i-site. Oh the power of advertising. 🙂 I’m such a red eye sucker!

Anyhow, it was supposed to be about 10 hours ride. … Wait, what? New Zealand is not that big, and it’s an express.. why 10 hours? It’s about Seoul to Busan, so 5 hours-give or take make sense. Turns out, this is one of million things I love about New Zealand, the so to speak ‘express highway’ is very curly because people tried not to damage nature as less as possible. How great is that? I just love New Zealand.

So I went on, start a journey with star bust bus.

The view was phenomenal. The road was very curvy indeed, and went through country sides with only few street lights. Then what kind of view I’m talking about, you may wonder. The sky!! Even inside of the bus, I could see those bright starts up on the sky. Woow.. I swear I saw milkyway on the way. My body was so tired like a soaked bean bag, but I gotta see that.

But I couldn’t stare the sky the whole time. I had to sleep too. Did I mention I have some special power? That is, the ability to sleep anywhere, anytime. I slept through the whole time with dozens of different position. It was just two seats in the small bus, so not very comfortable but I managed that somehow.

Arrival, around 7 am. All over by bones were screaming ‘I hate you’ but I felt kind of proud to be on the bus. Achievement, i guess? And it was fun too! Late night snack hunting at gas station is always amusing.




My first overseas plane ride was red eye. What a destiny! I was kind of terrified the fact that my first overseas flight is going to be 12 non-stop hours. Well, it was something! First plane food, first overnight package, first immigration card, and first breakfast at airplane. But the most of all, the best thing happened in that airplane was the view. I know I am going on and on about how beautiful the night view was but that’s how much I love it. Usually, stargazing is really influenced by weather, clearly. And think about it. I’m above the cloud, so what else is going to stop me to see some stars? I Still rememer how Orion was switched position about 90 degrees, I even draw about it on my journal. Wow it was clearly something.

It was a long ride, so I got some sleep a lot of times but I was so excited to be on the plane and all the stars around me. I feel like I was an astronaut.


How can’t I not love red eye transportations? 🙂 One of the joy of on the road!!The ‘not seeting’ scenery is actually ‘more to discover beautiful’ scenery. Not to mention it’s a huge timesaver.

What do you think?

15 thoughts on “Why Red-Eye Transportation is the Best”

    1. For sure! 🙂 I love late night snack hunting… 🙂 Usually that’s a crime central in the movies or dramas but actually it was quite peaceful. 🙂 Ahh.. .I miss meat pie….

  1. The ability to fall asleep where ever really is a gift! While I don’t mind red-eye planes much (they are super cheap), I’m still out on the bus thing. <3

  2. You’re like a cat! 🙂 I am so jealous. I wish I could sleep on redeyes. They’re the cheapest transportation usually, and if you can avoid a night in a hotel, so much the better. Unfortunately, I usually can’t sleep on them. It makes the next day a very long one.

  3. Oh wow – that is a special power! John can’t sleep at all on public transport and I always get a crook neck so we hate overnight buses. But you do make a great point about the night sky – if you’re in the right place, that can be incredible. Well, we’ll have to get used to long bus rides because we have heaps coming up in South America and Europe. Train is my top pick for an overnight, unless I’m flying in business class =)

  4. I love sleeping on buses! And I fall asleep every time, can’t help. Then my neck hurts for hours :p
    This post reminds me of my night flight to Japan, almost 13 hours from Paris… I slept for a good 7 hours and when I woke up I was amazed by the stars and I saw the rising sun… It was the best welcome Japan could ever give me!
    But I can’t sleep everywhere – I had a hard time sleeping in the desert for example. Lucky you girl 🙂

    1. Yes.. isn’t that amazing? Just too great. I Saw the most beautiful sunrise on the way home from Siem reap.
      Thank.. someone for giving me this wonderful gift, probably the best one to have as a backpacker! 🙂

  5. I love sleeper trains and buses, too. Redeye planes, I hate. But then I don’t like flying. Too much time at airports, waiting around and queueing. Trains, you just get on, settle in, and arrive…

    But do you seriously need only 5 hours sleep a night?!

    1. Waiting around the airport took the longest time!! That’s frustrating, for sure. But still, very exciting just being in the airport. hehe

      I’m heavy sleeper, I sleep a lot, but not so much when I’m on the road. But I took a day or two for sleep and do nothing. That’s how I manage it I guess 🙂

  6. I wish I can sleep on a red eye transportation but unfortunately I can’t. get too tired the next day. Ofcourse tried it way too many times, but I can only recall sleeping better than 5 hours on 2 occassions. The first was on a flight from KL to Dubai on emirates where I’ve slept the whole way and the second was in first class last yr. But that was lucky. Have to agree with stargazing. Had experienced that once on a train in Malaysia. Super cool!

  7. Hi Juno,

    I wish i could sleep anywhere like u can. i love to travel but have a sleeping problem… sighs and it affects my health if i dont get enough sleep.

    travel more for those who can’t!

    u are living out our dreams!

  8. Great post! I too prefer to travel this way and I am pretty much open to any kind of travel as long as it saves time and money and will sleep just about anywhere I can, even overnight on a train, bus or plane!

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