5 New Destinations to Try in 2016

This year is another chance for the wanderer in you to be unleashed. It will present another great opportunity to visit new places, learn new cultures, and meet other people. Where should you go? Keep on reading and we will provide you with a rundown on five of the best places that can be taken into consideration.



If you have seen Game of Thrones, you’ll already have an idea on what to expect if you go on a vacation in Croatia. However, this country is more than justi picturesque architecture and landscapes, its also has a coastline that stretches 1,800 kilometers, another good reason to include it in your destinations for 2016. Whether you want to party or have an idyllic escape, Croatia is the place for you. It is also a place to enjoy good food, fun festivals, and rich history.



If safari is your thing, Botswana should definitely be on the list of your next travel destination. Unlike in the rest of Africa, one thing that makes a Botswanan safari excursion unique is that there are some places where such can be done in a houseboat. A visit in Botswana will not be complete without seeing Chobe National Park, which has the highest concentration of elephants all throughout Africa. Aside from elephants, it is also home to zebras and antelopes, among other safari favorites. Another attraction is the Okavango Delta, which is known as the largest among inland deltas.



If you are looking for something that is different, perhaps a destination that your family and friends might not have thought of, a visit to Uruguay will be a good idea. Found in between Argentina and Brazil, the country is hailed as the Switzerland of South America. The coastal district of Punta del Este is one that you should not miss when in Uruguay. Montevideo, the capital, also presents endless opportunities for exploration, regardless of what kind of a traveler you are.



A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma – this is how Winston Churchill once described Russia. It is a destination that holds a lot of mysteries waiting to be unfold as you discover more of what it has to offer. It has a vibrant culture, which many compares to that of New York. This is the perfect destination for cultural lovers. As part of exploring its fascinating culture, do not forget to experience its iconic nightlife and try its many dining destinations. Russia is more accessible than ever, there are also some great travel deals that will help make your Russian dream come true.



It was not long ago when Myanmar opened its door for tourists, since then, there has been an influx in the number of travelers who have been wanting to visit the country. Its temples and pagodas are among its biggest assets. Yangon and Bagan are two of the most infamous destinations in the country. If you have the money to splurge, why not ride a hot air balloon to have prime aerial view of the pagodas in Bagan?

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