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5 Mountain Holidays You Have to Try

Even if you are not an adventure traveler, you will love to see the scenic beauties of some of the most popular mountain holiday destinations around the world. Climbing to the top of any mountain can be challenging for even the professional mountaineers, but as a holidaymaker, why not have some exciting experiences of taking part in various activities and beholding magnificent vistas and spectacular mountain scenery.

Here are 5 mountain holidays you have to try:

The Himalayas

Home to some of the highest mountain peaks of the world, the Himalayan Annapurnas offers the spectacular scenery that every avid traveler cherishes to see. Trekking through the Himalayas, experiencing the remote mountainside villages and thick rhododendron forest can be one of the most exciting and memorable experiences of your life. The sights of glaciers of the Himalayas and awe-inspiring views of the great peaks make a visit to Himalayas at the top of the bucket list of any adventure lover.

Everest Base Camp

Interested to go beyond just beholding the scenic beauty of Mount Everest? Then, you should consider getting ready for the more challenging adventure of climbing to the Everest base camp. Although it will be a lot of hard work, I can guarantee that the views will be awe-inspiring. Along the way, you can experience the unique Sherpa culture by exploring the monasteries and museums.

Rocky Mountains in Canada

The Rocky Mountains of Canada boast of one of the most beautiful mountain views around the world. A visit to Banff National Park can enable you to see the most stunning views of Rocky Mountains. The mountains in Banff exhibit several different shapes that have been influenced by the composition of their structure, layers and rock deposits. The Valley of the Ten Peaks near the crystal clear Moraine Lake in the Rocky Mountains has perhaps the most beautiful view in Canada. The Mount Assiniboine in the Rocky mountain range is often called the Matterhorn of Canada. If you regard yourself an avid traveler, you can’t afford to miss out on seeing these mountain views.

The Matterhorn in Switzerland

If you have heard about the scenic beauty of Swiss Alps, then the chances are you have heard about “The Matterhorn”. Lying on the border of Switzerland and Italy, the Matterhorn is one of the highest peaks of the Swiss Alps. It is also one of the most deadly peaks in the world, so only the most experienced traveller should consider climbing this mountain.

Atlas Mountains in Morocco

Its distinctive characteristics mean that the Atlas Mountains in Morocco are one of the most visited places in Africa. Therefore hiking the Atlas Mountains will give you a unique experience of your lifetime. There are plenty of easily accessible accommodations and other attractions around its three mountain ranges.

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