3 Great Locations for Long Term Travel

As an enthusiastic traveler, the prospect of a long-term travel plan will surely excite you. While for most people a week or two weeks away is enough, for many the prospect of a month or a couple of months away from the hum drum of daily life, exploring all that a country (or countries) has to offer.

Being prepared and having a plan is always the key to have best out of any trip and it is more important when you want to go on a long-term excursion. There are many destinations well suited to long-term travelers, but the following three should always be considered as must visit locations:


The USA is a vast and extremely diverse travel destination. Hardly any other country on earth boasts so much of natural beauty. From its canyons, deserts, beaches, mountains and glaciers you will also experience fascinating cities to explore. The little things that make travel so much more enjoyable and rewarding; luxurious accommodations, superb restaurants and friendly locals can be found in abundance, making it one of the most visited and most sought after travel destinations on earth. Iconic attractions such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, White House, the Grand Canyon, the Rocky Mountains and the Las Vegas Strip should always be at the top of any traveler’s bucket list.


India is a country with limitless number of quality attractions to see and experiences to have, even on a restricted budget. Its unique culture, great cuisines, archeological treasure, unparalleled hospitality, stunning natural landscapes, rich wildlife and lively beaches make it the popular travel destination it is. There is no shortage of luxury things to do in India. As an avid traveler you can’t afford to miss some of the most famous tourist attractions in India such as the Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal of Agra alone is a great reason to visit the largest county in South East Asia. The archeological sites of Jaipur, the natural beauty of Kashmir and Darjeeling, the religiously sacred Golden Temple of Amritsar and the modern looks of New Delhi are all never-miss things in a trip to India. A couple of months in India can be good enough to experience all it has on offer for any tourist who wants to experience a culture unlike any other.

New Zealand

New Zealand might not be thought of as a traditional tourist destination, but that doesn’t mean that it should be written off. Made up of two islands, to experience all the natural beauty and diversity on offer, you really need to make long stay plans and travel around the country. One of the best ways to do is to hire a campervan in Auckland and tour the country at your own pace. New Zealanders have a unique, warm and hospitable culture and boast great native beers, rolling hills and hedgerows, delectable Maori foods and due to the countries development, travelling around could not be easier. New Zealand could easily be one of the most refreshing and satisfying travel experiences you could ever have hoped for.

Being able to travel one or more of these great destinations should be regarded as a top achievement in any avid traveler’s life. So, put your best efforts together and make unforgettable memories.



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