Last week, we drove outside of Anchorage downtown to catch the northern lights. It was supposed to be Kp 4 that night. The Kp number is a system of measuring aurora strength. It goes from 0 to 9 (0 being very weak, 9 being a major geomagnetic storm with strong auroras visible). So when your looking at the aurora forecast page, you want to see high Kp numbers. The higher the better.

We drove little bit further north, heading into the mountain area. The light wasn’t too strong but it was forming a shape like a rainbow above the river and mountain ranges. We kind of stumbled upon this area but the scenery here was just stunning. Having the moon on the other side of the sky also helped. Anchorage doesn’t see as much northern lights as northern Alaska like Fairbanks, but because of all the diverse foreground, you can create more interesting northern lights photos in Anchorage like this.

4 thoughts on “Anchorage is a Northern Lights Destination”

  1. I read that the aurora is pretty much like the lottery, especially to those who live far from the places where it can be seen. A friend of mine recently traveled more than 20 hours to Iceland and she was very lucky to see the Northern Lights in full swing. Many people are not as lucky as her although going to locations far in the north (or the south to see Aurora Australis) is in itself an amazing experience, I believe.

  2. Ohh so lovely and inspiring! This is on my bucket list for sure! Thank you for sharing your beautiful posts. Why are you not okay? Maybe your true home is somewhere in BC. Have you tried the gulf islands , the Sunshine Coast area or maybe the Okanagan Valley where I am? Ocean or mountains ?

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