Why You Should Visit Philadelphia

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Why You Should Visit Philadelphia

The ‘City of Brotherly Love,’ Philadelphia has a lot to offer. It’s the largest city in Pennsylvania and the fifth most populous city in the country, yet it maintains an intimate atmosphere. Philadelphia is known for its cheesesteak, sports fans, and ethnic diversity. It is also one of the birthplaces of American democracy. The city has many distinctive faces.


One thing you cannot miss in Philadelphia is murals; finely designed murals. It’s a part of the Mural Arts Program that began in 1984 as a component of the city’s Anti-Graffiti Network. The Anti-Graffiti Network worked with Jane Golden, a muralist, to reach out to graffiti artists and redirect their talent to mural painting. It’s been continued to this day, and now the program has produced over 3,600 beautiful and meaningful murals around the city. From empowering women to celebrating arts, from LGBT rights to portraits of historic heroes, each one of the has messages to deliver. Now the city of Philadelphia is commonly called as the City of Murals. Murals are hard to miss anywhere around the city, but if you want to know more in-depth stories, the program runs several tours in different styles.


Philadelphia has it all. Their museums are small and massive, historic and modern, interactive and exclusive, eccentric and unexpected. The Franklin Institute for science lovers, Philadelphia Museum of Art for art buffs, Penn Museum with exquisite artifacts, Independence Hall for history, Mütter Museum for people who are looking for something special and many more; they are grand and intimate, irreverent and specialized, the choice is broad.


Philadelphia, known as the birthplace of American democracy, is a great place to visit to learn the nation’s history. Independence National Historical Park is located in the site of many of the seminal events that carried the nation through its founding as a global leader of democratic ideals. The Liberty Bell, recently moved to a new home, was cast in the Whitechapel Foundry in the East End of London and sent to the building currently known as Independence Hall, then the Pennsylvania State House, in 1753. Inscribed at the top was part of a Biblical verse from Leviticus, “Proclaim Liberty throughout all the Land unto all the Inhabitants thereof.”


Philadelphia, famously known for the birthplace of American democracy, and ‘Philly cheesesteaks’ became one of the finest culinary destinations in the country. More than a decade of development has transformed the region’s dining scene to absolutely rich. Also, thanks to its different neighborhoods, the choices are even more vary. Southern food, micro-brew bars, Italian restaurants, Polish supermarket; it has it all. The Philadelphia Neighborhoods campaign spotlights 14 of the visitor-ready areas that surround Center City. In these cool ’hoods, you can explore the storied streets, buzzed-about restaurants, craft beer-centric bars, emerging art galleries, indie shops, intimate music venues, plentiful parks and annual festivals.

The city of Philadelphia has an inspiring skyline. Day and night, it always shines with style. Try City Hall Tower Observation Deck, located 500 feet above the ground and at the base of William Penn’s statue. South Street Bridge, Ben Franklin Bridge Walkway, Camden Waterfront, Penn’s Landing, and Race Street Pier are some of the best places to enjoy the view.


Juno Kim
Juno Kim
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