Virginia is for Summer Lovers!

Summer is the best time to enjoy the natural beauty of Virginia. That’s what #VAOutdoors is all about. You will have to get out of the car and explore! Thanks to the mild climate, it’s a great place for all four season activities but it’s especially exquisite in summer. Virginia’s outdoor options range widely from beaches to mountains and everything in between. Whether you are interested in mountain biking, hiking, surfing, scenic walks, or camping with your family, you can find everything in Virginia.


Spent the afternoon loungin in the James River.. Richmond sure is purty. Concert in the park tonight, home tmrw.

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There are not many big cities where you can kayak rapids, pull out and walk to downtown in five minutes. You can find the only class III & IV urban rapids in the entire country in the James River. The river has become the center of recreation in Richmond. It’s amazing to have an afternoon picnic at Belle Isle in a big city like this. Richmond reminded me of Seoul and its Han River because of the life around the water.

The region has about 400 years of history. But Richmond went through some major changes with their craft beer, food, fashion, and art revolution. There are more than 20 craft breweries now, some of the best restaurants in the country, homegrown start-ups, and murals and street art in numerous buildings and walls. There’s a reason why major publications like Travel + Leisure picked this Capital of the South as one of their top destinations. Find a comfortable hotel to settle down for a few days to get into everything Richmond has to offer!


Get ready to explore “timeless” Fredericksburg, VA, where my American family lives. This small city in northern Virginia has an interesting mix of history, culture, and outdoors. Wind back the clock and walk through the woods where George Washington played as a boy and then jump forward to Civil War battlefields. Virginia was also recently named in the top five up-and-coming wine regions by Travel + Leisure Magazine. One of the best ways to discover wineries near Fredericksburg is to participate in the Grapes & Grains Trail, including four wineries, a brewery, and a distillery. Finish the day in the present by strolling one of the biggest pedestrian shopping malls on the East Coast. The modern influences blend with the region’s rich history and culture, giving a unique vibe to this city.


This charming university town is a perfect place for your summer getaway. The summer season is an especially beautiful time to visit Charlottesville. Your visit to Charlottesville begins by exploring some of the most iconic historic attractions in the country. As a home to three former presidents, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, and James Madison, this region is full of history and tradition of the country’s early years. Home to the prestigious University of Virginia, Charlottesville is rich with a young and hip vibe, a booming craft beverage scene, one of the longest pedestrian malls in the country, artisan bakeries, and more. All of this is nestled against the backdrop of the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains. Charlottesville & Albemarle County has a lot to offer so plan your itinerary wisely!


Virginia Beach

Three beaches, one vacation, live life is the tourism slogan of the area. With its mild winter climate, fun boardwalk, delectable dining, unique shops, and laid back beach vibe, Virginia Beach showcases what East Coast beaches have to offer. The three beaches here, Resort Area Beach, Sandbridge Beach, and Chesapeake Bay Beach have unique features for you to explore. Outside of the beach area, there are also so many activities to chose from brewery tour, adventure park, aquarium, and more! Not to mention, there is a wide variety of accommodation options in Virginia Beach for everyone’s taste, from simple hotels to camping, and from bed and breakfast to beach vacation homes.

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  1. I would say summer is the best place to enjoy any destination! In case you haven’t guessed it right yet, thats my fav season too. Never been to Virginia Beach but I like the huge guy jutting out of a rock.

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