#Location : Island guesthouse, Jeju island, South Korea

#Occasion : I was all ready to go back home. In my 8 bed dorm room, I was done packing and out of the room then..  thought something was terribly wrong. Ailing (the owner of the guesthouse) was not there but three policemen in their uniform. What would be your first thought? It’s a human instinct to think something must be wrong when we saw officers. Anyhow, so I asked ‘What’s wrong..?’ and they said with a big smile ‘Oh we are neighbors.’ Apparently they are just friends of Ailing, visiting. Just neighbors who happen to be in their uniforms. They were eating lunch, made by Ailing.

This whole situation gave me such a good laugh. And I thought ‘Wow, Jeju, you really are good to the last drop.’ Even though I didn’t have any coffee for last three days. It is so relaxing, easygoing, simple life here in Jeju. I just love these feelings.

They were so happy that I asked them to take a picture with me. Look at the guy next me. He’s holding my camera, posing and everything. They even offer me a ride if I need to. But the airport is too far to just take the offer.

Ah, this joy, unexpected excitement, that’s exactly why I can’t stop moving mt butt around.

5 thoughts on “Unexpected Friendly Neighbors in Jeju Island”

  1. that’s a ice story. I thought you were going to say Ailing was involved in some illegal operations but, thankfully he was just a nice owner/ neighbor. These policemen look awfully nice.

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