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The Scottish Highlands are a popular tourist destination for a number of reasons. The area is stunningly beautiful, with a rich history that visitors love to explore. If you’re backpacking through the region, or just looking for ways to cut down on holiday costs, there’s no need to worry. There are a number of strategies that can be employed to shave costs off an amazing visit to the Highlands.




Choosing the right lodgings is an important step in planning an inexpensive trip around the Scottish Highlands. Renting a Scottish holiday cottage is an ideal way to save money without scrimping on comfort or efficiency. A holiday cottage in Scotland provides you a home base that has all the comforts of your own house. Plus, you can often fit several people in one cottage, cutting down on the overall cost. This gives you an excellent way to set up a home base as you explore the various regions of the Highlands. With so many holiday rental cottages in Scotland, you will have no shortage of accommodation options.



An inexpensive backpacking tour of the Highlands doesn’t mean you have to forgo exciting attractions. After all, visiting points of interest and experiencing a region is an important part in getting to know an area’s culture. When seeking out cheap attractions in the Scottish Highlands, think of free options that are open to anyone. Activities like hiking in the beautiful outdoors, swimming in the summer, visiting local farms and sheep barns and checking out wool factories are wonderful ways to get a taste of the Highlands without shelling out too much cash. With some creativity, you can experience great attractions and save money at the same time.



Dining and Pubs

Make sure to sample the local cuisine and drink when visiting the Highlands. Scottish pubs and eateries offer visitors a true taste of the culture without breaking the bank. To save costs, consider visiting a local pub at happy hour or during off hours, to take advantage of special pricing. A pub is often a cheaper meal ticket than a traditional restaurant, which is ideal for tourists, as a Scottish pub is the perfect place to slip into the local environment and get a real feel for how the residents of the area live. Or, visit a Scotch factory to sample the traditional spirit of the land.




To truly appreciate the beauty and magnificence of the Highlands, you have to get out and see it for yourself. The area boasts amazing heritage sites such as; fortresses, castles, ancestral homes, cliffs, mountain ranges and lush outdoor spaces to explore. Make a list of everything you want to see and do on your tour, to ensure you don’t miss out on anything that is a must do. As a bonus, most of these sites are free or inexpensive to visit. It’s proof that an amazing holiday away doesn’t have to come with a large price tag.




When the sun goes down, it won’t be difficult to seek out some refreshing entertainment options. Local pubs will often feature live music, and of course the pubs are free to get into. This is a great way to get some inexpensive entertainment while and soak up the wonderful culture of Scottish rural life. Pubs often feature quizzes as well, which are a fun way to get to know the locals to the region. Wherever you’re visiting in the Highlands, check local papers to get a better idea of what free concerts and shows are going on. Whatever your touring style, the Scottish Highlands has something to offer. With majestic scenery, amazing culture and plenty of sightseeing to do, this beautiful area will make for a holiday you’re sure to remember.      



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  1. Great article, really does make me want to go back to the highlands of Scotland again. Such a beautiful and tranquil place, plus some fantastic pubs to sample the various single malts!

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