Sage Inn: Feel the Real New Mexico

✪Location: right near SITE Santa Fe, the art museum

✪Internet Access: Wi-Fi in the hostel. Works well in the room.

✪Room: the rooms are furnished with New Mexican style. Traditional rug on the wall, leather chairs and traditional style blanket… It was not spacious, but liked the character.

✪Travel information: the hotel can give the information of all the attractions.

✪Other service: free parking and breakfast buffet.

✪The best about Sage Inn: New Mexican interior.



It’s a small thing that makes a place memorable


During my brief visit to Santa Fe, I had a pleasant opportunity to stay at Sage Inn. New Mexico has been one of my favourite destinations during my road trip 2012, and Santa Fe was definitely a highly memorable place. I was attending to SITE Santa Fe’s new gallery opening ‘MORE REAL’, but after two nights of camping and long distance driving, I was not in a shape to attend a fancy media function. Conveniently, Sage Inn was located right across the street from the gallery. We were on the edge of Santa Fe, but still it was only 15minute walk from the city center. Santa Fe isn’t a big city; another reason why I liked it so much.


Finding the place was easy, but finding the parking spot was a little tricky. Whole Food, the supermarket was right next-door with a massive parking lot. I was extremely tired but had to rush to get ready for the function. You know how it is. When I walked into the room, I felt that I really was in New Mexico all over again.


The bed was covered with a red blanket, Native American’s traditional rug was hanging on the wall, and there was leather-covered chair in the corner of the room. The room was very simple; nothing too extraordinary, but I loved the interior. It’s the little thing, to make the place different and memorable. My one day in Santa Fe could’ve been a ordinary hotel room along the highway, with a bed and a bathroom, and didn’t leave any memory for me to write about. But here I am, writing about very unique place to stay; even though basically the room from Sage Inn has a bed and a bathroom. Use the character you have, use the uniqueness you have and use it to impress your customer. Maybe it won’t work for everyone, but it certainly worked for me. I’m sure my kind of travelers would love to see that.


#Disclosure: My stay at Sage Inn was sponsored by the hotel. However, all the contents are written by my own words.

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  1. Totally agree with you about using character to impress customers – there’s nothing worse than a boring cookie-cutter hotel room, no matter how fancy it is!

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