This is Queensland!

The year 2014 is full of adventure so far. I kicked off the year with Hogmanay in Scotland, traveled to Alaska in winter, photographed around Oman, and hung out with frogs and squids in Malaysia. Now I’m settling in the lifestyle of Sabah. What an exciting year it has been.

This week, I’m on another adventure to a new country: Queensland, Australia!

Crossing this country/ continent west to east has been on my bucket list for a long time. I’m not doing that just yet, but quite excited to experience whole new adventure for two weeks. I’m leaving for Brisbane today. Ah, the excitement of visiting a new country! My official itinerary starts tomorrow. For the next two weeks, I’ll be touring Brisbane, the outback in Charleville, Gold Coast, and entering #Room753 for a week. Seeing the southern Milkyway in the outback will be one of the best moments of my travels, I’m sure.

This trip is a part of Queensland’s social media campaign to expose Queensland’s destinations and activities through international digital influencers. Yes, I’m one of the influencers 🙂  Through this campaign, I will be not only learning about Queensland, but also participating new adventures, like driving (on the other side of the road!) and meeting koalas. Most of all, I’m excited to experience the local lifestyle. Part of the itinerary is a surprise – I love surprises!

I’ll be tweeting and Instagramming from  @RunawayJuno using #thisisQueensland and #room753. Queensland has been well known with their beautiful photos, make sure to follow them @queensland, also  @australia and #seeAustralia.

While I’m in Queensland, what is the must think I shouldn’t miss? Activities, destinations, food, or beer?

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  1. good luck heading my way (if not quite all the way!) send us a message or tweet if you need anything in Australia, I’m in Melbourne, so a fair way away still but might be able to help!

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