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56 days

3804 miles

2 countries including 11 states in USA + District of Columbia and 1 Province

31.43 Average miles per gallon

$3.73 Average price per gallon (cheapest: $3.30 @ Fredericksburg, VA / most expensive: $4.83 @ Quebec)

7 Press trips

International Travel Insurance 

1 Gun shot (possibly toward crows but scared the crap out of us)

1 Hurricane (Irene) & 1 Tropical Storm (Lee)

2 Malware warning (one for Stephen, one for me)

1 Crashed Website (Hence, the new design)

3 overnight hiking and camping

13 Days in Hotel

2 Couch Surfing

38 Days of Camping + Staying with Friends and Family

and the list goes on…


Three months, my time in the United States is up. During the stay, the major event was the roadtrip USA in New England creating around friend’s wedding. Stephen and I (Visit his website! – BohemianTraveler.com ) went to the roadtrip together, and it lasted 56 days and 3804 miles. Started from Fredericksburg, VA and finished at where we started. The loop has completed.


Over all, it was a successful trip with lots of varieties. Press trips as kick ass bloggers, visiting old friends, making new friends, tweet ups, fixing website problems, hiking, camping, beer tasting, sharing wines, and again, friends and family.


This trip was the first for me as a full time blogger, or a career breaker. With different perfectives, I saw a lot of possibilities about this industry and I got a change to have rich experiences around the country. Not only those 56 days of the road trip, but also the whole three months, I’ve learned a lot and it helped me grow, I believe. I’m going to miss my time in the US but I will have more and also another great experiences in the future.


I sincerely thank our awesome hosts who made this trip even better.

Old friends, new friends, family members, kids, new babies (and your adorable pets) and tweet ups. It was nice to meet you all and thank you for inviting me and for the good times we had. We couldn’t have done this trip without you. Hope to see you soon in somewhere in the wild world.

And last but not least, a deep appreciation to my travel companion Stephen Bugno for creating this wicked trip together and brain storming about some great products (videos, photos…). Thanks for everything. It sounds so cliche, but I really do mean it – everything! It would not be this must fun and without you. I remember we had some good moments with Bug’s life, Do-Re-Mi song and John Wayne’s teeth.


Thank you everyone!

And Thank you America!
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15 thoughts on “Thank you everyone, for making the great roadtrip USA.”

  1. You’re welcome Juno!! The pleasure was all mine! I also want to thanks all the incredibly kind and generous people we met along the way (in the US AND Canada)! They made this trip fantastic and I’m happy they treated our Korean blogger guest so well. And thanks to you Juno, for being such a great travel companion. Had lots of fun and great experiences!

    1. Glad you to hear that you had fun too! 🙂 All of your friends and family members we met on the road treated me really well. Truly grateful for their hospitalities. Through out our road trip and times in Fredericksburg, I got to experience lots of different side of the US and I thank you for that. It was a pleasure to attending tweetups with you, talking about travel blog business. Thanks for everything!

  2. Juno, it was a pleasure to have you. Toscana misses her cousin Brother Loon and cousins Kiwi. Looking forward to my authentic Korean cooking when you return or if I get to Korea first! I hope you enjoyed your time in the City of Brotherly Love.

    1. BL keeps talking about Toscana, how fun to hang out with her. I think they are getting along so well because they both love water. LKB and Brother Loon is with me, but BKB remains in the States. Maybe Toscana could meet him again. I’m looking forward to cooking with you too. I’ll be a better cook that time, I hope. 🙂 Thanks for your hospitality in Philly. It was really fun to hang out with you!

  3. Sounds like a fantastic trip Juno – it must be a great feeling to look back and see just how much you’ve done in a couple of months. I bet the time flew by!
    Like Gray, I’m waiting to see you’re going to do next 🙂

    1. It was, it really was. As much as I wanted to see and explore more, I wanted to stay at one place for a long time and soak the vibe. But it was great. I can’t wait to go back someday. Also I can’t wait for my next adventure!! 🙂

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