Day 31. Why Burlington, Vermont? It’s the place for a Tweetup!


So now I’m back to America, for the second time! Yay me. Phew, we were sitting in the car at the US custom for about twenty minutes, and successfully got back into the country.

At this moment, I’m working remotely in Gray’s living room at Burlington, Vermont. Yes, the one who’s writing for Solo Friendly ! Burlington got my attention because a) Gray is living here and she invited me, b) so it’s a great opportunity to see another town of America. Before her, I didn’t even know where Burlington was. *blush*
So here we are, in Burlington, Vermont.


Burlington has quite a character, I should say. I can’t exactly say what it is though, but it’s there. The main photo of this post is a great example of the impression I got. Oh, yoga guy… you saved my day! Walking around the downtown was fun. The University of Vermont is right in the middle of the city and school just started again after Summer break, and on top of that it was a lunch time when we were out in the downtown, so you can imagine how crowded and festive it was.

Burlington has a friendly atmosphere to those of us, who want to work remotely. There are quite a few coffee shops that you can sit and work for hours.

Um.. welcome to Burlington!?

Union station of Burlington


Lake Champlain is another charm of Burlington. The waterfront and the view of Adirondack Mountains afar is beautiful. Downtown is not so big, and you can look down to Lake Champlain from the city.



Tweetup with Gray

Meeting a fellow travel blogger always brings me pleasure. We share so many things in our lives, we share the passion, and we know everything we do everyday. It feels like meeting an old friend, and in fact that’s true. We’ve known each other quite a while, so I was so glad to finally meet her in person. Tweetup with friends in the US is certainly one of the greatest things about this road trip.

She kindly invited us to her house. (It is awesome, by the way) We worked at the local coffee shop and Gray worked at her job all day and we had a nice dinner out at one of her favourite places in town. Yes, hanging out like a local, what’s what we always want to do, right? 🙂

We went to Vermont Pub and Brewery. Another great brew pub! Gotta love America.

Flight of Six: 3oz beer sampler of six. That’s the one we choose. They have quite a great beer selection on the menu. Bangers ‘N Mash was my choice for dinner. Beers were great, food was good, and the atmosphere was very comfortable. Of course, having a good time with good company was the best part of the evening. And it was nice to have a good meal with a person who understands why we must take a photos of our food. It’s rare!


Six beer sampler at Vermont pub!

Bangers N Mash
Over all, we had a good time in Burlington. Thanks to Gray, for inviting us here and give me an opportunity to visit another charming town of America. Hope to see you soon, somewhere in the world and good luck this weekend! *wink wink*



If you are looking for more information about Burlington, Vermont, visit Gray’s post: Solo Travel to Burlington, VT and see what Burlington offers you!

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6 thoughts on “Runaway Daily: USA – Day 31. Why Burlington, Vermont? It’s the place for Tweetup!”

  1. I had a great time, you guys! You’re very sweet. I’m so glad you liked Burlington (and my humble home). You were excellent house guests. Thank you for the luck (I’ll need it)! Have a great beer tour….

    1. Really a great time with you Gray. Thanks for inviting us to your awesome house and great dinner out!! Burlington has a great vibe. Enjoying Wifi and coffee at New Moon cafe now!

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