Carlo and Snezhana, friends I am staying with, have a dog named Jason. He was kind of scared of approaching me but we got along wonderfully this morning. He showed his love and affection to me, and he was sitting next to me while I was working with my laptop. He looks a lot like my family’s old dog. Smart, too.


After having lazy and lovely morning with Jason, I cleaned myself up and headed downtown with Stephen. Special schedule was in order — Tweetup with Michael from Art of Backpacking and Stephanie from Twenty-Something Travel. I was really looking forward to meeting them after I knew they came back to the US. Funny, Michael traveled to Seoul right after I left for the US. And we met here, in the US! How funny things are going.



Today was really hot, just like the day I almost fainted from the heat. But it was a beautiful day though. We gathered at Dupont Circle, had coffee and a cookie at a local cafe. Sweet dreams cookie was pretty good by the way. We all have been talking online for quite a while, so it was really nice to finally meet Michael and Stephanie. It’s such a great feeling talking to people who have the same interests and great minds. We talked about the current flow of the travel blog business, social media, and of course, about our travel plans. Hopefully I can catch up with them before I leave for Korea.



We walked around the embassy neighbourhood. I only spent two days in Washington D.C a few weeks ago, but have never been to this part of the city. Buildings around here were really amazing. They were very, I don’t know if this is the right word to describe, but I felt they were ‘graceful’. It’s a beautiful city with lots of different aspects. Oh and the double chocolate cake I had was one of the highlights of the day.  It was chocolate and it was ‘double’. Mmm…!


Now, back at Carlo’s place in Falls Church, getting ready to leave early tomorrow morning. Well, actually I’m writing while eating super delicious salad, but I will be getting ready right after I publish this, seriously! 🙂

Destination tomorrow? — Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Time to learn some history about the Civil War!





3 thoughts on “Runaway Daily: USA – Day 2. Jason, Tweetup and Double Chocolate”

  1. It was so nice to finally meet you! So much fun talking to you. We definitely need to meet up again before you leave the US.
    Dupont is a nice area. It really gets crazy at night too. Lots of bars over there.

    1. I had so much fun also. Funny that we met in the US, who knew? It is always a pleasure talk to other travel bloggers 🙂
      We should meet up! I will keep you updated my whereabout, and you will probably see lots of tweets about my travel. 🙂

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