Day 01 – Washington D.C 


Here for Amanda’s graduation party. She recently graduated from a law school after three years of hard work, so her brother Jett threw a party for her at his house in D.C. Safely drove into Fall’s Church, took a metro to Columbia Heights. The journey was short, but it was a joyful start of the trip.


Not only we packed everything in the car, I cooked for 4 hours this morning. This was a cook out party. Could’t go with empty hand. So I brought my Korean chef hands and made Gimbab for everyone. This is vegeterian friendly mean, for change. 🙂  If you are familiar with Japanese sushi, you can recognize the shape and concept right away. It’s just with lots of vegetables and ham and egg (ingredient of your choice, really). Gimbab is a picnic snack in Korea.




Cook out was a success, due to the amount of people who were there. Gladly, people liked my Gimbab, and I had a nice burger. It was really hot, even though it was like 11pm, it was really steamy and hot. Maybe that’s just a concret hot. But there were lots of quality beer (one of the biggest reason why I love it here!). It was fun.

I met a friend who works for NASA (how cool is that), met few people who were willing to follow my journey through Runaway Juno, and most of all I had a lot of fun.



Day 01 was a long prep-day, ends with a crucial amount of beer. But the car is full, everything is ready to go, now one thing we don’t need is hangover. Time will handle that.

Cheers for the awesome kick off!

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