Day 21 & 22 – Lake Francis, New Hampshire. “I can see Canada from here!” 

No, I can’t. It’s just a figure of speech. Though, it’s really right before Canadian border.

Lake Francis State Park camp ground is going to be our home for two days. There was lots of people with fishing pole and canoe on their car. Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont… people from lots of different places are here to enjoy the beautiful summer weekend.


Two days of Lake Francis was scenic and peaceful. Woke up with the singing birds, swimming in the lake in the afternoon, walking around the lake, taking a nap on the grass, and stargazing the gorgeous milky way at night… What a great way to enjoy life. There was no such thing like inter-web, obviously. I didn’t even took that many photos. It was a great retreat. Campfire and freshly brewed coffee at the campground were the plus alpha pleasure.


Swimming and canoeing in the lake were the highlight of this weekend, I would say.

Oh! and speaking of the loons. They are chatty!


Lake Francis is a place that I want to come back in winter. I like winter scenery. All the trees around the lake make me imagine how pretty this would be in winter time. I would come back here, sit in front of the porch, drinking hot coffee with a candy cane in it. Instead of going Sharm el sheikh holidays for ski . But that sounds fun though. 🙂

Canoeing on Lake Francis

Lake Francis State Park

Lake Francis State Park

Reserved by Juno!

Nature in Lake Francis

Lake Francis

Swimming at Lake Francis

On the dock!

Lake Francis

Loon!! I can't believe he was right in front of us!



Wild life in Lake Francis

Wildlife in Lake Francis

Wildlife in Lake Francis

Wild life in Lake Francis


Canoeing on Lake Francis

Wild life in Lake Francis

*Special thanks to Visit New Hampshire!

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11 thoughts on “Runaway Daily: USA Day 22 – I can see Canada from here! Lake Francis, New Hampshire”

  1. I’ll always be jealous of America and Canada for their lakes. Australia has very few lakes and the only sizeable one is salt-water 🙁

    Loved the photos. It made me miss my time in Idaho in 2009 🙁

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