Day 18. Wildlife in New Hampshire is outrageous!


After the wedding, I hung out in Keene, New Hampshire for few days. The first part of the road trip gave me a chance to see various parts of the culture with different types of activities, but also because it was a part of business, it was quite busy. The last few days were a little window to get some rest and prepare for the next part of the road trip.


One of the things that I like about the US is wildlife. Not so much ‘wild’ for locals, but it is for me, many times. However, yesterday, I had the most exciting wildlife experience in New Hampshire.

We hiked to Goose Pond with Tom, Ali and their dog Rynek, the best dog ever, by the way. Mushrooms and salamanders were greeting us on the way.

Wildlife in NH


Suddenly, Rynek was running toward something. And there he was, the gigantic turtle. It was surreal. It felt like he was jumping out of some children’s book. I couldn’t believe the scene in front of me. I always shout “Wildlife!” whenever I see something wild, like fireflies, a deer, or a moose but this was literally, the wildlife. I thought seeing a deer was my lucky day.

Do you have any idea what kind of turtle this is? I’m not even sure I can call him (i’m not sure it’s he or she though) turtle! He looked so vicious. Thought he might be jumping on one of us to attack! But maybe we were the ones that scared him.

Gigantic Turtle
gigantic Turtle
Goose Pond was peaceful. And I felt bad that we kind of ruined the turtle’s day. He might think ‘today was supposed to be a peaceful day. It’s raining! What’s wrong with you people, hiking on a rainy day!’ Hope he got his peace back. We checked the same trail on the way back, but he was long gone.


Now we are leaving Keene to hike in the White mountains. Should be fun! But it’s kind of cool though.


*Special thanks to Tom and Ali for everything. I had a great time staying with you guys. What a lovely home! Hope to see you soon. And Rynek is the best dog ever. And Eli, kiwi brothers said they are going to miss you. And hard cider is little bit too early for you! 🙂  


Eli likes hard cider. Ooops!


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8 thoughts on “Runaway Daily: Day 18 – Wildlife in New Hampshire is outrageous!”

  1. I never told you that I secretly love turtles. I guess it’s not a secret now 🙂 I’ve been hiking all over NH and never seen anything like that one. He must have Galapagos in his blood. Nice pictures RJ!

  2. Cannot believe the size of that snapping turtle! Cool to know that he/she’s been living in such close proximity to the population of Keene for so many years without being to disturbed.

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