A city like Albany, New York, where has a big river is flowing in the middle of the city, how do you want to explore? There are certainly two different views from the each sides. Which do you prefer? By the boat on the water, or by the bus on the land?

In Albany, New York, we solved the dilemma with Aqua Duck Tour. Just like you can tell from the name, it goes water and land both. The bus turns into the boat on Hudson River. How cool! Our captain said, he had to have two licenses to drive the trolley for driving on the street and driving the boat.


The tour is full of historic information with entertainments. Jumping in the Hudson River was a highlight of the tour, I should say.

Don’t forget to discover Albany with Aqua Duck Trolley! Do you want to know how it goes? Check out this video!

When we were on the tour, we got once more inspired to make another stop motion video, just like we did in Bangkok, Thailand (reference: More than words, Bangkok Timelapse Video with Stephen of Bohemian Traveler )


We compressed 308 photos into one and a half minutes of stop motion video for your pleasure! 🙂

Music is ‘Magic’ by B.O.B. Thanks for the collaboration on this stop motion video, Bohemian Traveler!



*Special Thanks to Albany Convention & Visitor’s Bureau and captain at  Albany Aqua Ducks & Trolleys



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8 thoughts on “Have a Ducky Day! – Aqua Duck Tour in Albany, New York Stop Motion Video Edition”

  1. Love it! You know I have a weakness for your time lapse videos with Bohemian Traveler. I didn’t realize Albany had so many historic attractions. This looks like a fun way to see the city 🙂 PS- Juno, you are so tan!

    1. Thanks! Knew you would like it. It’s fun to make the timelapse video. 🙂
      Albany is great! You should check out their museum. New York State museum. It’s huge!!!
      PS – you think so?!

  2. Wow, great video! Looks like a fun tour. I’ve always wanted to take one of these tours. There is just something cool about a vehicle that can travel on land and then into water.

  3. I love the Ducks! They’re in lots of cities in the US and I believe they have a similar outfit in London as well.

    Tons of silly fun – best to ride in the first day or two of your visit to city as they give great info on what you’ll later explore on your own or with other tours.

  4. Ahh this is a wicked idea! Love the video. 🙂

    I’ve always wanted to do these duck tours though I didn’t know you could do it in Albany – looks like so much fun!

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