Day 46. The Day I hit NYC, Finally.


Yes, I went to NYC, finally! Long story short, I only stayed for five hours.

“What? Are you serious? Only few hours?”

I can hear you shout…

Yes, I’m serious. It’s heart breaking for me as well, trust me.

The plan got changed in last minute. Well, lots of travel plans are flexible and I like it that way, but this time, all the plans before, during, after NYC changed all at once. Phew. Like the Universe is telling me not to go. I wanted to quit NYC because I was so tired of all the massive planning. There were two choices. Just forget NYC and proceed other plans, or just drop by for few hours and move on. But I couldn’t choose option one. It is New York City, after all. Like my friend Michael said, that they had to name it twice, because they love it so much.


I had two main purposes for NYC. First, walking on Broadway. As a lover of theater show, Broadway is like a dreamy place for me. Watch one of any musical was on my list for the US trip, but the circumstance wouldn’t allow me. And second, meeting Leslie (@DowntownTravel ). We used to talk about meeting in Seoul or NYC and how fun that would be.


Yes, I successfully conquer two of my reasons to be NYC.


But New York City was not so happy to have me, apparently. As soon as we parked at Washington Heights, we got egged. Trunk and car doors were open, we were inside of the car. Whatever the reason was, throw hard boiled egg was not the method to solve any of your problem.

Welcome to NYC?!


Broadway and the City

Time Square


I was born and raised in the city, but I’m not a city girl. I’m not so in love with the big cities. But the bilboards in Time Square and Broadway in NYC made my heart fluttered. Must be the love of theater. I felt like Elphaba was singing around me (musical Wicked), I was in the finale scene of Anything Goes with tap dancing shoes, dancing with Harry Potter who is not Harry Potter anymore in How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying, performing Cell Block Tango in Chicago, and singing my heart out with the cast of Sister Act.

That’s the power of Broadway and NYC, I believe.



Time Square

Time Square

Time Square

Yes Conan, I know


Empire State building

Pop art

in Wicked theater


The Tweetup


Since I didn’t have much time in NYC, I only plan to meet Leslie (@DowntownTravel ) and Matt (@TheExpeditioner ). And somehow, Stephen (@BohemianTrav ) and I got invited to Meet, Plan, Go NYC meet up with Leslie and Matt. I didn’t know who’s going to be there. And surprise, surprise. I met so many great travel bloggers that day.

Starting with lovely Leslie, the day has come. She was as lovely as in the web, even better. When I first saw her, I thought ‘wow, she looks just like her photo!’. Well, of course, it was her photo but you know what I mean. We’ve been talking for a long time in the web, so that felt almost surreal. I was super excited, I even forgot to take photos with Leslie. Man!
Stephen, Leslie and Nobert


To name a few who were at Meet, Plan, Go NYC meet up, my travel companion Stephen (@BohemianTrav ),  Leslie (@DowntownTravel ), Matt (@TheExpeditioner ), Jodi (@legalnomad ), Sherry (@OttsWorld ), Earl (@WanderingEarl ), Nobert (@GloboTreks ), Kristen (@kristenalana ), and many more…

It was a pleasant evening. Great beer, interesting conversation, and be around with inspiring people is a great part of being a traveler / travel blogger.

It was nice to meet you all, and thanks for the inspiration!

And I still question myself, how come I only took two photos that night?!
Earl and Juno



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11 thoughts on “Runaway Daily: USA – Day 46. The Day I hit NYC, Finally.”

  1. Oh my…that is definitely not my best photo! But that’s alright, it was simply fantastic to have met you as well. I think that the entire room was excited when you walked through the door 🙂

  2. Aw, Juno you are so sweet! It was a pleasure to meet you– I was impressed to see you looked exactly as I pictured you too 🙂 I have pics of us together and will let you know as soon as they go up! I wish we had more time to hang out, but now I have a reason to visit you in Korea…

  3. You were MY biggest surprise of the night! How lucky were we to have you stop by our little meet up and make it even more fabulous! There were no pictures taken because there was so much talking (and drinking) going on. 🙂 Hope to see you again in one of my dream destinations next time!

  4. How does Earl look so SHORT in that picture? Unless you are a super tall lady, is he bending down?

    At least you have BEEN to NYC, I’ve yet to make it that way.

  5. I love, love, love meeting fellow travelers and bloggers on the road. It’s so cool to be able to put faces and personalities to the Twitter handles and blogs I follow on line.

    Your shots of NYC are really good. Makes me want to visit.

  6. Whirlwind trips! Whew! I’ve had my share of those, but only when I am alone (never with the kids). I can also somehow relate to seeing New York on a fast-paced trip! I was there for two whole days and that seemed crazy already!

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