Day 10. P & P – Pothole and Pizza capital in the world



What a random encounter!

Archbald Pothole State Park, there’s a huge pothole. According to their website, “a geologic feature that formed during the Wisconsin Glacial Period, around 15,000 years ago. The pothole is 38 feet deep and has an elliptical shape. The diameter of the pothole decreases downward. The largest diameter is 42 feet by 24 feet. At the bottom it is 17 feet by 14 feet. The pothole has a volume of about 18,600 cubic feet, so could hold about 140,000 gallons. It would take 35 fire truck tankers to fill the pothole.”


15,000 years ago… wow!

Sadly, I couldn’t learn about this at the part because the interpretive sign fell into the bottom of the pothole. Not sure someone push into it, for some reason, or some sort of natural disaster happened, I don’t know but it was there, un-readable. But it looks really interesting though.
Say hi to nature’s wonder!



Pothole Pennsylvania



Next stop, the pizza capital in the world, Old Forge, Pennsylvania.

Today was my big day, the first pizza in the United States. I can’t believe I haven’t had any pizza in America yet!

I didn’t know there’s another famous types of pizza other than Chicago pizza, frankly. And this place is, what they call, the pizza capital in the world. And now, I couldn’t say otherwise.


Arcaro and Genell, open for business since 1962. It was quite busy even though it was only Tuesday night.

We ordered two classic styles, White and Red pizza.

White pizza is literally white – without tomato sauce, and cheese is in between two thin crusts. Hot and steamy cheese, flooding through the crust… mmm….!! I’ve never had anything like this before, and it was amazing.

Red pizza was the type of pizza I know, but the thin crust and sauce make the difference. I really felt like I’m in ‘the pizza capital in the world’.

Check out the photos, and blame me for making you hungry. 🙂

Arcaro and Genell

Arcaro and Genell, Old Forge Pennsylvania
White pizza, Arcaro and Genell, Old Forge Pennsylvania




Arcaro and Genell, Old Forge Pennsylvania

Arcaro and Genell, Old Forge Pennsylvania


Red Pizza





Arcaro and Genell, Old Forge Pennsylvania

*Special thanks to Gary, for understanding our last minute change of plan, and your hospitality! Hopefully see you again soon.

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Arcaro and Genell, Old Forge Pennsylvania



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