Day 19 & 20 – Hiking my butt off in the White Mountains

How can I not climb up the White Mountains, when I’m in New Hampshire?

The White Mountains is the location of the old man of the mountain, the symbol of New Hampshire. Although he is not there anymore, his spirit is still alive with New Hampshirites.

Here’s the video that shows us hiking in the White Mountains. We compressed two days of fun and majestic views in this video. Yes, majestic. If you’ve ever been to the White Mountains, you would understand. My legs are still (a little bit) sore, but the view was worth the pain. Enjoy the video and feel free to blame me for making you want to go out in the sun!  🙂

Thanks to Bohemian Traveler for taking part in the road trip!

Please tune in for upcoming video posts!

Here’s the short itinerary for two days of the hiking.

Day 1.

Part 1: Highland Center (Crawford Notch) – Crawford Path – Mizpah Cutoff – Mizpah Spring hut  / 2 hours

Part 2: Mizpah Spring hut – Mr.Pierce / 1.5 hours for the round trip (but I took some nap at the peak, so… )

Day 2.

Part 1: Mizpah Spring hut – Webster-Cliff trail – Mt.Jackson / 1 hour

Part 2: Webster-Jackson trail – Crawford Notch (Highland Center) / 2.5 hours (including snack break)

napping at Mt.Pierce

*Special Thanks to New Hampshire Tourism and Appalachian Mountain Club!

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Runaway Juno at Webster-Cliff trail

29 thoughts on “Runaway Daily: Day 20 – Hiking my butt off in White Mountains, New Hampshire”

  1. I’m so glad you made it up there, even if the Old Man in the Mountain wasn’t there to greet you! I spent many a childhood summer climbing all over that area, especially the Presidential Trail. It makes me happy that you’re in my backyard playing around! Keep on sure-footing it forward RJ, you’re crushing it!

    1. I totally climbed your backyard. So cool that you have that huge back yard! 🙂 It was awesome hiking. Not that high, but the view was awesome. How quite that place was, surprisingly.
      I think I’m now a fan of AMC and the white mountains.

  2. It was fun making the video. Thanks for all your video editing expertise! The White Mountains are great. Enjoyed spending the night in an AMC hut for the first time.

    1. I had so much fun too. It’s great to have another brain to discuss ideas! We did a good job! I quite like AMC hut too. Want to hike all the 8 someday.

  3. I love the intro to your video!! It looks like you’re having so much fun. Those mountains look beautiful. I’ve never been to New Hampshire.

    1. Thanks Abby!! The intro is my master piece!!! 🙂 I quite like it too. New Hampshire is really great. If you like outdoors or nature, you would love it!

    1. Thanks Ted! There were some extreme hikers at the mountains too. Appalachians seems quite too much extreme for me but the White Mountains were really gorgeous for sure.

  4. Absolutely loved the video! Would have loved to hear you speak more though (you’ve got a beautiful voice). Oh and you and Stephen look cute together. 😉 hey my sis lives in Fresno, California, if you’re ever in the vicinity, let me know and I’ll hook you guys up!

    1. Thanks Nell! Somehow your comment got interrupted by stupid Akismet! hehe Glad you liked the video!! I don’t think we’ll go to CA this time. So much to see, limited time 🙂

  5. I think I would choose to go hiking if I visited the USA in summer. Agree with you on the WiFi, it can be be very liberating to be away from it.

  6. Whoa! You’re so lucky! Meeting all the cool people and getting to enjoy the great outdoors! your skin is a healthy glow too:) Lovely!

  7. Absolutely loved the video! Very cool =). Keep on sure-footing it forward RJ, you’re crushing it! Yep definitely!

  8. You’re so lucky! Would have loved to hear you speak more though (you’ve got a beautiful voice). I’m so glad you made it up there, even if the Old Man in the Mountain wasn’t there to greet you!

  9. Juno, this is so cool to see a post from my neck of the woods! It’s always tough to figure just how well known a local sight is since it’s easy to take for granted. But it’s good to see the White Mountains here. They really are incredible, and I say this despite after returning from trekking in the Andes! Hope you enjoyed it.


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