Hotel A la Mer
Super comfortable beds at Hotel A la Mer


Hotel A la Mer

✪Location: downtown Swakopmund, right near the beach

✪Internet Access: Wi-Fi works well around the center of the property

✪Room: I shared a private twin room with my friend. I was a big fan of their duvet and comfortable mattress. The bathroom/ shower was spacious, and I enjoyed the stone-style interior. It was a simple, but well equipped and comfortable home for three days.

✪Travel information: the staff is helpful and informative. They also offer tour options.

✪Other services:

I was told A la Mer serves ‘the best breakfast in town’ from a local friend. Indeed, the breakfast buffet was excellent, and you can get eggs and bacon as well.

Check out the souvenir stand in the reception room.

Security service and secured parking

✪The best thing about Hotel A la Mer: fast Wi-Fi (which is hard to find in Namibia)

✪Contact information

Hotel Pension A la Mer

P.O.Box 478

4 Libertina Amathila Ave. Swakopmund

Tel: +264-64-404130

Fax: +264-64-404170



As I joined ATWS a bit late, I was worried about getting a place to stay in Swakopmund. I’m a well-traveled independent traveler, but Africa was kind of a whole new world for me. After researching on the web, I found a couple options near the venue (and I found out later that Swakopmund is quite small). I made a reservation at Hotel A la Mer, and I’m very glad I found it.

The hotel has a great vibe. It feels like an oasis resort. Located right near the beach, this clay-colored small building offers a charming atmosphere.


The fastest Wi-Fi in Namibia

It’s not always easy to find Internet signals in Namibia. Even in Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia, Wi-Fi wasn’t always easy to find. Hotel A la Mer offers free Internet connection, and it works well. Our Summit venue had a hard time supporting 650 delegates connecting at the same time, so I took advantage of the fast speed internet whenever I went home during the day.



Hearty breakfast


Hearty breakfast

When our tour guide dropped me off at the hotel, he said this place serves ‘the best breakfast in Swakopmund’, and he was right. The buffet was extensive with different types of bread, cold cut, fruit, cereals (including weet-bix, my favorite!), a wide selection of spreads, and hot beverages. They also offer freshly cooked eggs and bacon (no extra fee).


Security service

The front gate at the hotel only opens when you ring the bell. There’s a security guard 24/7. Surprisingly, most of the stores and hotels have a similar security system in the cities. You can also put your important belongings at the front desk (they have a safe). Swakopmund is a fairly safe city, but there’s no harm being extra safe. Just don’t show off what you have (put your camera in the bag, don’t bring too much cash, make sure the ATM is protected by a security guard – it usually is).


Beautiful bed lamp


I wouldn’t have had as great a time at the Summit without Hotel A la Mer. I was just sad that I didn’t have enough time to actually enjoy the property more. When you visit Swakopmund, consider staying at the Hotel A la Mer. To make a reservation, please visit their website:


Check out their souvenir/ art stand
Check out their souvenir/ art stand
Check out their souvenir/ art stand
Check out their souvenir/ art stand


#Hotel A la Mer offered a generous discount rate for my stay during the Adventure Travel World Summit. However, all opinions are my own.


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  1. In Namibia internet connection horrible for me. Couldn’t upload social media photos, and also blog posts. Beautiful destination but need they improve their internet speed.

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