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Chameleon Backpackers

✪Location: #5 Voight Street North, Windhoek Central – 15 minute walk from Kalahari Sands Hotel, which is located in the center of downtown.

✪Internet Access: paid Wi-Fi is available near the center (pool and bar) area

✪Room: I stayed in both a single and a twin room, both are quite spacious. I especially liked the duvet – they were so fluffy. The room has a safe.

✪Travel information: don’t forget to grab their map at reception. Extensive travel information is available. They also offer safari tours.

✪Other service:
Airport pick up (extra charge)
They sell SIM card (normal SIM)
Pool table
Breakfast (toast, boiled eggs, juice, and coffee)

✪The best thing about Chameleon Backpackers: it’s the best place to meet fellow travelers in Windhoek. There aren’t many budget accommodation options across Namibia, and Chameleon is one of the best ones. If you are traveling alone or with a small group, this is a great place to arrange group tours (to safari, etc.)

✪Contact information
Chameleon Backpackers & Guest Lodge
5-7 Voight St
Windhoek, Namibia
P.O.Box 6107
Tel: +264 (61) 244347
Fax: +264 (61) 224175


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The tenth Adventure Travel World Summit in Namibia excited me, but also worried me a little. I was concerned about finding affordable accommodation. I needed to stay in Windhoek for at least two days according to the Summit schedule. Chameleon Backpackers magically appeared on my search feed, and cured my problems. I’ve heard of the place because I started following many Namibian tour operators and hotels after the Summit destination was announced. Also, one of my South African colleagues is a friend of the staff at Chameleon Backpackers. I couldn’t believe there was budget accommodation in Namibia.
I entered the property with my big bags after 15 hours of long travel, and ran into a pool table and a small pool. The wall was covered with so many signed flags, and humorous signs. All of these things are signs of a popular hostel. I knew I was in the right place.


Meet other travelers

I wasn’t there specifically to meet people, obviously, but it is a great place to arrange big group tours, or even recruit a few more people to make your African tour interesting. I ran into a college student at the reception desk, and he said he was there with his school group. If you are traveling alone or with a small group and want to expand your travel companion group, Chameleon Backpackers is definitely your place.


Comfortable bed at Chameleon Backpackers
Comfortable bed at Chameleon Backpackers


High quality rooms

Chameleon Backpackers is in the range of budget accommodation, but their bed and duvet was top-notch. After 15 hours of traveling my body melted into the mattress that night.



The door is always locked, and only the hostel guests have keys. Also, a security guard works 24/7. The reception staff recommended that I read the notice on the wall before signing in. It basically says lots about security of the city. However, don’t be frightened, if you stick to your gut and be careful, you will be fine. The basic rules are same: don’t bring a big pile of cash, put your camera in a bag, be confident, and don’t walk alone at night. Remember to put your hostel key and the map in your pocket, just in case. That’s what the hostel recommends as well.



To book a bed, please visit their page on the Hosteling International South Africa.

#Chameleon Backpackers partially supported my stay in Windhoek. However, all the opinions are my own. Thanks for making my Summit experience possible!



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