Me with George Washington, at Virginia State House in Richmond.


It’s Official: Runaway Juno is Flying to America, for the Second Time.


“Complete your booking” the button read.

So, I did. I clicked to book the one-way ticket to Washington D.C. Which means; Runaway Juno is going to America for the second time!


For my last visit, I went to the east coast: road trip to New England and stretched my way up to Quebec. Now, the question is; what will it be this time?


I will have 90 days, if the customs officer doesn’t have any problem with me. I’ll arrive in Washington D.C, and spend some time in Virginia, New Jersey and NYC. The rest of the schedule is unknown as of yet. I thought of visiting Mid-America last time, but the 90 days weren’t enough time to go beyond the east coast. This time I’m thinking about heading to Colorado, Texas and New Mexico; a new part of the country.


Here’s another big question: TBEX or no TBEX?


With or without attending TBEX (Travel Blog Exchange), I think I’ll be heading to Colorado since I wanted to travel there. (Road trip!) McDonald observatory and Austin are good reasons to head to Texas, and VLA (Very Large Array) is an even better excuse to visit New Mexico. One thing for sure, I’ll travel slow, working on the road.



Here are a few things that I’m really looking forward to:


Dairy products

Southeast Asia and East Asia are not really friendly for dairy products. Cheese, milk and yogurt are a few of my absolute favourites, but I just couldn’t get enough of them in Asia (and also it’s really, really expensive). After 9 months traveling in Korea, China, Laos and Vietnam, I’m really-really-really looking forward to having all the dairy products! Mmm… Can’t. Wait. On a side note, I think I have to move to Vermont or New Zealand at some point.



Broadway Musical

I know, it was on my list last summer, but I didn’t get a chance. Too busy driving around the country. But yes, you’ll find me sitting in a Broadway Theater. Please say hi if you find me!



Open opportunities

My home country, and other Asian regions are not ready to deal with bloggers and social media experts. It’s just the differences between how they think. America is a much better place for me, as a blogger, to have more opportunities: about the business of blogging, conferences, meeting experts, and so on. I’m searching for opportunities I can get for this summer. If you have any ideas, please send me the tip!



Meeting people

Oh the glorious tweetup! I was fortunate enough to meet Gray (@SoloFriendly ), Leslie (@DowntownTravel ), Anil (@FoxNomad), Janice (@SoloTraveler ), Matt (@TheExpeditioner ), Kirsten (@KirstenAlana ), Earl (@WanderingEarl ), Jodi (@LegalNomads ), Sherry (@OttsWorld )… and I’m looking forward to meeting more people on the road. It’s such a great thing, meeting people who have the same interests and passion. If you are going to be around in America this summer, please drop me a line!



No more language barrier

Well, I’m no expert in English but at least I can communicate with people on some level. No more creating absurd sentences with Chinese and English, and no more hateful eyes from Chinese people because I look like them but I can’t speak their language. The language barrier I’ll have in America is one that I can handle. At least I hope so.




Do you have any recommendations that I should do and go in America for this visit?


It’s time to read USA guidebook once more…

15 thoughts on “It’s Official: Runaway Juno is Flying to America, for the Second Time”

  1. How exciting! I am working on some summer North American plans myself (and have my fingers crossed and breath held about it….ha), so maybe we’ll end up crossing paths. You never know!

    Have a great time, I look forward to reading all about it!

  2. Fun! If I can throw in a vote for Colorado/the Southwest, I will! Have you been out West in the States yet? Utah is AMAZING, Arizona has the Grand Canyon, New Mexico is very pretty (especially in the north), and Colorado has the Rockies along with TBEX! The Southwest was my absolute favorite part of my U.S. road trip last summer.

  3. YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited you are returning to the US, and especially happy to hear NYC is on your itinerary! Would love to meet up again in the Big Apple. I’m glad you are making it to Broadway this time 🙂

  4. I second the vote for Arizona. It’s BEAUTIFUL. I’ve heard Utah is too, but I haven’t been. I’ll be jealous if you go to Colorado and/or Texas, they’ve been on my list for a while!

    I’ll feed you some cheese when you get here. The old French influence means there’s quite a bit available, though still a bit expensive. (depending on what kind you want!)

  5. If you’ve only been to the U.S. east coast, I have to agree with the others and say you must visit the west coast or mountain west on this visit. There’s a sharp contrast between the 50 people per square inch of the east coast and the more sparsely populated and beautifully scenic mountain west. Have fun!!

  6. Yew!!! Exciting stuff Juno. When do you leave?

    I think definitely come to TBeX with the announcement of blog world taking over this TBeX will be bigger and better than the last years (plus we’ll finally get to meet!) its also a great way to make contacts with not only bloggers but some of the big US PR companies which might be able to help you.

    If you like dairy you need to come to France soon! Amazing amazing cheese and milk products – I lived on dinners of Brie cheese, strawberries and champagne for a week :p

    Can’t wait to hear more about your US itinerary. 🙂

  7. Have fun in the US! Lots of good spots to see. Glad to hear you are going to be exploring Washington DC (my new home), and of course New York City, which is such an amazing place. Philadelphia (my former home) is a fantastic place to see too, and often overlooked by travelers. Boston is a great city to visit on the east coast as well. 90 days might be too short to see everything you’d want to see, but definitely Colorado and the states near there are worth seeing if you make it out that way. Austin Texas is also really great! I’m sure you’d enjoy it there, it’s my favorite city in Texas. Good luck with your voyage.

  8. If you can ever make it to the west coast.. its beautiful here! I’m in Alaska now, but grew up in Washington State.. Enjoy your stay in America 🙂

  9. Oooh, if you decide to visit New Mexico – which I think you should! – send me an email. We had so much fun when we were there, and the VLA is AMAZING! Albuquerque is great too (waaay better than Santa Fe).

  10. Yay! Another US road trip! I agree with the others, the West Coast is a must. It’s so different from the East Coast, and the landscapes can be both dramatic and diverse. And the sunsets in the Southwest are so vivid….like a blood-orange sky.

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