From my friend Meaghan‘s short visit to Seoul, I did a little plan for the tour.

Here’s Runaway Juno’s style of itinerary of short trip to Seoul.

1st.  City tour.

You want to get to know where you are right now, right? First day of Seoul, we looked around what Seoul looks like.

Kyung bok gung (Kyung bok palace) –> Korean national folk museum –> insadong –> Dongdaemun sijang (East gate market) –> Gwanghwamun square

We started Kyungbokgung station, subway line 3 (Orange line).

Entrance fee is 300o won/person (Over 24 years old)

In front of a main gate of Kyungbok gung, there’s a museum of Kyungbok gung. I recommend look around before you actually go into the palace. Historic background always helpful.

When we just got Kyungbok gung, this ceremony just began. We were lucky to catch it.

This is ‘The Ceremony of Opening & Closing the Palace Gate and Guard Change’.


Next Gate Guards

Former Gate Guards

Big Drum and drummer

Gate guard change ceremony

Picture time!

There are many musical instruments, respecful movements and cool clothes. It was what our ancestor wore back then. Armies of course.

We were happy because Meaghan wanted to watch a show with traditional Korean musical instrument, but we didn’t have to anymore. Spontaneous ceremony fulfill our desire! 🙂
After the ceremony is over, went in to look around Kyungbok gung. This is the main palace where the King lives.

Beautifully decorated. Sad history behind…

King's Chair

This is Korean architecture.

These imaginary animal statues for keep this palace, keep King safe. They are character of The Hsi-yu Chi (journal to the west).

Imaginary animal statues for keep king safe

Beautiful backyard of Kyungbok gung. You can imagine how this place looks like in Summer or late Spring.

Beautiful backyard of Kyungbok gung

Right besides of Kyungbok gung, you can see/enter National Folk Museum of Korea.

In my opinion, this museum is the best we have. It’s really personal. Not just show some stuff. This museum can give you an idea of Korean’s life before and now.

This museum is free.  However if you want to come back to Kyungbok gung, you have to hold on to your kyungbok gung ticket.

Folk Museum of Korea

In the museum, there’s museum for children. Museum decorated this kid’s museum according to one story and another. Theme was “Shimchung” this time. Story of devoted daughter. You can play and learn!

There’s a ‘do it yourself’ corner in the back, for wearing wedding dress. Look at them! Adorable! 🙂

Wedding dress for bride!

Seems like we’ve been busy? Yes we have, but we did eat! 🙂

After the museum, we were heading to Insadong, traditional and tourinstic place in Seoul.

Little gallaries, shops for great souvenir, hanbok-korean traditional cloth places.. you really cas see Korea here.

Meaghan bought Korean wooden mask, a pair of wooden mallard-Beautifully painted, which is a simbol of great marriage. It was a perfect gift, according to her, not me. 🙂

We ate Mandoo guk(Mandoo soup). Delicious food! Mandoo is similar with chinese dimsum.

It was 7000 won(5$ USD) per one pot.

Mandoo soup

Insadong has lots of great tea place. High quality green tea, Jujube tea, ginger tea.. etc.

Meaghan had Jujube with ginger tea and I had Citron with honey tea. We almost felt heathier! 🙂

A cup of tea is about 6000 won ($4 USD)

Love the smell of Jujube tea!

Citron tea

A decoration of tea place. Korean is well known for ceramic pots.

Korean ceramic pot

In the square end of the Insadong, traditional Korean wedding ceramony was on. I think this was a part of parade, but certainly really interesting.

Look at the clothes, beautiful, aren’t they?

Korean Traditional Wedding

We saw another parade in Gwanghawmun squarewith real horses! I think this is similar with last one we saw in Gyungbok gung.

Gwanghwamun Square

After city square, we went for movies and call it a day. Which one did we watch? “Alice in wonderland” of course!

Anyhow, maybe many of readers think ‘Isn’t it too much for one day?’

Well, I tell you a secret. Gyungbok gung – National Folk Museum – Insadong – Gwanghwamun square are really close to each other.  Museum is just besides of Palace, Insadong is 10 mins walk from Museum main gate, and Gwanghwamun square is just in front of entrance of Insadong.

This was our secret.

to be continued….   hold your breath!

Up comming,


2nd :

Hwasung (Suwon fortress) –> Musical –> Hongdae shopping street



3rd :

Yangpyung (country side) –> Juno’s home anda behind story of Krispy cream donut .

12 thoughts on “Itinerary of short trip to Seoul, 1st day.”

    1. @Migration Mark

      Thanks 🙂 costumes for ceremony is so colorfun and beautiful. and the citron tea is really great. you can see in the photo? 🙂 Thanks for the kind word. looking forward to part 2! 🙂


  1. Hellooooo……. I just came back from a 4 days trip to Seoul and I really had a blast. Best Asian city I’ve ever been too. And your pics remind me of mine, I’ve been to all the famous places. I’m currently also blogging about it a lot, hehe. Will annoy my followers with Seoul for the next weeks 😛 I have no choice, because I think Seoul is really awesome and I hope to return one day. I will follow your next posts, you make brilliant pics 🙂 The weather was so good for photos these days, right? 🙂 Good luck.

    Ps: Found you on Twitter with the tag #Seoul, I’m @MKL09 ^_^

    1. @My Kafkaesque Life

      Hey! 🙂 Did you like seoul? yes, shame we knew each other before your visit! That’s so nice to hear Best Asian city. Yes it is! and the day was really beautiful. shiny weather indeed. we had blast too 🙂 will post awesome pictures and posts. hold your breath! hehe. Thanks for the nice words! glad we met. keep following each other!


    1. @Ciki

      Thanks Ciki! 🙂 I have a number one fan now? wow!
      Photography is one of my passion. it goes really well with travel. hehe


  2. Great pictures! I used to live in Insadong…I really enjoyed Korea, and the city of Seoul. But it is the ONLY country I’ve been to that the food and me don’t mix! Great pictures.

    1. you did? Glad you enjoyed it! But sorry for the food.. Korean food is really broad but if you don’t mix it, it could be torture!

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