Story of the Indian Taco

“Victor’s Mom makes the best fry bread in the whole world. Back home on the reservation, we use it in church. It’s like Jesus bread, its walk on water bread.”

– Thomas Builds-The-Fire from “Smoke Signals

Thomas got my attention by telling this story on Smoke Signals. That was my very first encounter with Native American culture. Just like Jesus fed the people, Victor’s mom fed the whole tribe with the frybread. What is this miraculous ‘frybread’?
The question was solved after visiting the Kalispel tribe. We got served Indian taco by a group of school children who are taking classes at the Camas center, a community wellness center. They taught me how to make the taco. First, put the frybread on the plate, and choose what you like for the topping: chili, salsa, tomato, lettuce, cheese and sour cream. There you have it, the famous Indian taco.

Indian Taco: Frybread, chili, lettuce, cheese and sour cream.

Anna told us a story from her husband Brandon, who is a Kalispel tribe member.  “Brandon said, whenever he went back home from college, Indian taco was the one his grandmother always made.”

As Roy said in the video, anywhere in the US if there are Indians involved, there’s always Indian taco. It’s the most significant staple food of Native Americans. Also Roy mentioned, “The thing about frybread is that you gotta have an old Indian woman who knows how to make it.”  Just like Kimchi for Koreans. In any culture in the world, the mature women know how to make food greater.

We went to some of the best restaurants in town, but my favourite was this Indian taco on a paper plate. Simplicity is what makes Indian taco so unique and nostalgic.

This is the lesson from the Pro Indian Taco Eater, Roy. Learn how to properly eat Indian Taco from the video.

#My trip to Spokane was hosted by Visit Spokane and Northern Quest Resort & Casino with Kalispel Indian Tribe. All the contents were written & photographed by me.

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  1. 정말 맛있겠다! This looks amazing, Juno. Anything topped with salsa and sour cream is a winner in my book! Love the video, too – “no more explanation is needed, it’s so good” haha! No words are needed when it comes to true foodporn.

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