Accommodation Dream Hostel


Location Near Tampere train station and city centre


Internet Access Wi-Fi is accessible both in the room and the lobby


Room Dorm-room is well equipped and clean.White bed, white sheet and white wall: everything looks really neat. Comfortable mattress, reading light on the bed, safe under the bed, and big windows.


Travel Information One of the best things about Dream Hostel is that staffs really friendly and informative. Tour information, restaurant suggestion and they help to book the other accommodations around the country.


Other service There are six shared toilets and 4 showers for male/female each.

Tea and coffee is free all day. Kitchen is there for you to use.


There’re enough common area to hangout/ work.


The place is family/ kid friendly. There is a little corner for the kids in the hostel.

Would I recommend staying here? Yes


Dream Hostel at the best city in the country: Tampere, Finland



The name Tampere was familiar for me because of my friend. I didn’t know anything about the city but I knew that it’s one of the city in Finland, besides Helsinki. Few weeks ago when I was working hard for Runaway Europe, I got to know Ville of Dream Hostel through Kash of Budget traveller. Kash recently was in Finland and had a pleasant visit in Tampere. I thought I had to explore more of Finland other than Helsinki.


So I did. First of all, the hostel was beautiful. Easily, it was one of the best hostels I’ve ever visited so far. A few of them only can top Dream Hostel. They have all the things we need as a backpacker/ traveler. A reading light on the bed, little shelf on the dorm bed, safe in the room, door lock, comfortable bed and plenty of toilets so we don’t have to hold it every time.


Ville with a massive amount of potato and sausage at the market place


Ville, the owner, is a traveler himself. He grew up in the area and lived here whole his life. Now he’s married and has two kids, still loving the city. Ville said ‘Tampere is the best city in the country’. And I can’t argue with that. He said, he got ideas from other hostels he visited on the road. ‘How can I make it better?’ was the motif of Dream Hostel. And clearly, it worked.


The location is also convenient. Well, Tampere is not a big city; but the hostel is easily accessible from the train station and not to far from the bus station. Great restaurants and local hangout places are around the hostel as well. The staff will point out if you need the information.




All the staffs are very friendly and resourceful. We also got great inside tips from the staff for where to eat and what to see. They are always busy with customers and cleaning the place, which is a good thing.


For two and a half days in Tampere, I was pleasantly surprised with all the great aspects of the city. Staying with Dream Hostel made the trip a lot easier as well. If you are going to Finland, don’t dismiss Tampere. And if you are going to Tampere, make sure to check out Dream Hostel, the only hostel in Tampere!



#Photos are from Dream Hostel’s website. Ville provided our stay at Dream hostel due to the partnership with Runaway Juno. However, all the opinions are written with my own words. 



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