Hong Kong, one of the most beloved destination among travelers, indeed has lots of titles. Hong Kong is China but under a different political system, is one of the most densely populated areas in the world, and is one of the world’s leading international financial centers. There are much more titles we can name about Hong Kong, but I will introduce five ‘the world’s best’ that you’ll meet as a traveler.

World’s longest outdoor escalator

Central-Mid level escalator Hong Kong
Central-Mid level escalator Hong Kong

In Central Hong Kong, you’ll see the sign says ‘escalator’ and people often guide you to ‘take the elevator’ to get to somewhere. What is so special about the elevator? Because this is world’s longest outdoor escalator and it is crossing the whole central area of Hong Kong Island. Get on and get off, wherever you are. It’s going down until 10:30am, and it’s going up rest of the time, until midnight. What a great system!

World’s highest hotel & Highest bar

ICC tower in progress : Tallest in hong kong
ICC tower Photo: AraiGodai from Flickr

In ICC, world’s 3rd highest building, there’s world’s highest bar. The bar belongs to Liz Carlton Hong Kong Hotel and it’s even higher than the observation deck. There’s the trick: don’t pay for the observation deck, just go up to the hotel bar. That’s what I did. The view is great. ICC building is located on Kowloon side and because of its height, you’ll see the entire victoria harbor and Kowloon. Have a drink or two with the view. The price for lunch and drink is fairly reasonable for the bar with this view.

World’s longest laser show

Hong Kong Skyline
Hong Kong Skyline from Kowloon side

Every night 8pm sharp, world’s most vertical city gets busy. A symphony of lights, the world’s longest laser show is about to begin. The best spot to enjoy the show, the Avenue of Stars on Kowloon side, become one big theater. All the big buildings are decorated with neon, and it gets more active when the show begins. It is one of the cliché you have to do when you visit Hong Kong.

World’s largest sitting Buddha

Back of Big Buddha
Back of Big Buddha

Tian Tan Buddha Statue is the World’s largest, seated, outdoor, bronze Buddha. It’s in Ngong Ping village on Lantau Island, and you can visit the area by Asia’s biggest cableway. You can also hike to the village. This Buddha statue can be seen in the cable car, even from afar. Not just because this is the world’s largest, with Po Lin Monastery and few walking passes like Wisdom path, the area is peaceful. And you’ll see lots of people praying near Buddha.

World’s best airport

Hong Kong Airport Express
Hong Kong Airport Express

If you ever pass through Hong Kong airport, you can’t argue with that. They are efficient, clean, and fast. It will only take 15 minutes to get out of the arrival gate if you don’t have any problems with the custom. Your baggage will be right there as soon as you walked out from the custom. Along with Changi Airport in Singapore, no doubt, Hong Kong airport is one of the most beloved airports by travelers.

9 thoughts on “Hong Kong Loves ‘World’s Best’”

  1. Seems I missed the highest bar from that list, damn! Oh well, there is always something to do when visiting Hong Kong the next time 😉

    I suppose you could add to the list that Mong Kok in Kowloon has the highest population density in the world!

  2. I heart HK too! So glad I was able to experience 5 items mentioned above. Next time we stay at the Ritz in Kowloon! (JW won’t mind.)

  3. Hey, I might have it wrong, but I thought it was the longest outdoor escalator in the world.

    The airport is great, isn’t it?

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