When we reached to Kuala Lumpur, we saw an informative commercial about religious event is going to be held a place called Batu Cave.

272 steps


Apparently this event was masochistic looking devotees. I was not sure I can handle the masochistic-looking pressure, but anyway this actual event is a week later but I wasn’t planning stay that long in Kuala Lumpur so we just decided visit there.  (We mean Jenny and me. I met Jenny at Singapore and we traveled together through Malaysia.)

One sunny day, one of those day in Malaysia, we took a bus to Batu Cave. Batu cave is about 15 km away from city central.


272 steps and Hindi god

Humongous god and countless stairs were greeting us. I’ve heard that countless stairs are part of their training. Bare the pain and train your mind. Turns out there are 272 steps. Okay, not bad as it looks. Every step has number. I was not sure it helps you or not. I think this is a ‘half-full or half-empty’ situation. Oh- wait! I get it. Am I supposed to think as ‘half-full’? Thank god only 150 stairs left! I think this is a part of training.


steps.. so many..


We started walking. In few pictures I’ve taken I can see how much pain I was in.

1. I only took ‘few’ pictures.

2. I can see my nostrils were dilated from those pictures.

Finally we were on top. The view was phenomenal. All the Hindi decorations and the view of Kuala Lumpur.


Kuala Lumpur from top of Batu Cave


Inside of Batu Cave was more exciting.

Hindi gods


Amazing Statue

This cave contains elaborately painted Hindu gods.

Praying place


All the devotion was really touching. I’m consider myself as a not much of a religious person, but I think we all have some level of religious side. Because I’ve read many blogs touched by temples or churches, and myself touched by many religious places. Or touched by people who made them? Maybe.


Beautiful Batu Cave


Besides of religious statues, this wonder of nature was marvellous. It is a cave but not entirely. Word cave bring up the image of dark hall middle of some mountain but Batu Cave wasn’t. It is just a space between rocks. Look at the rocks and grasses, most of them were mosses but it was so beautiful. Whoever founded this place picked the just right spot. It feels much more mysterious with vibe from mountain.

Mom Monkey with Pocket?
. .

Mom Monkey with Pocket?

Moreover I can’t leave out monkeys! It was really bizarre look this many monkeys at the same time. I didn’t get to see this many, and this various size of monkeys even at a zoo. Every bump on those huge rocks there’s monkey. Some mom monkeys put their child into their pockets like kangaroo! I didn’t know monkey have a pocket. Or many it’s just their belly and I saw it wrong.. maybe? My good blogger friend Ciki introduces her blog as related to monkeys and I totally get it.

Various Hindi gods, beautifully decorated praying places, mysterious looking rocks and monkeys. Charms of Batu Caves were everywhere.

I didn’t catch the masochistic devotee’s event, but Jenny did. She told me how it was after, and she said it was really cool. I only saw it through pictures. It was much beyond as I imagine.

If you are planning to visit Kuala Lumpur, consider count Batu Cave in your itinerary.


14 thoughts on “Half-full or Half-empty? Hidden philosophy in Batu Cave”

    1. @Ciki

      You got my msg 🙂 Look at the Kau Yoke Meehoon!!! Yam Yam Yam
      We didn’t eat near Batu Cave. We always can have next time, right? 🙂
      I should link this specific page. ah…god I’m hungry.


  1. Nice post Juno. I wish I had known about the cave when I was last in KL, thanks for the tip. Guess I will just have to visit one more (a few more?) time. Cheers

    1. @Todd

      haha Thanks Todd! 🙂 when you visit Batu Cave, check out the scary festival and tell me how that was! haha I’m too chicken to see that face to face.. KL wans’t my favorite in Malaysia but sure interesting city!


  2. Beautiful,,I loved being at Batu caves,, the climb takes awhile!! many interesting areas in KL this is just one, Chinatown, even Bob Marley bar in Chinatown, Islamic museum, daytrip to elephant sanctuary, Lake gardens, KL tower, national museum,little India area, and just the people!!!! Cant wait to go there next March!!

    1. @Terry

      Wow you know much about KL Terry! Yeah It took many times too… hehe. I loved Islamic Museum. all the art works were wonderful. so beautiful. you are going to KL to travel or business? Eitherway, KL is fascinating alright. 🙂


  3. Felt ashamed of myself! I’m staying in Kuala Lumpur but never had a chance to visit this great Batu Caves! It’s just a few kilometres away.. Now I had to read this blog to get to know this place.. shame shame.. 🙁

    1. @Lan

      Well, don’t be!! Everyone has different opinion and different method to enjoy. Just learning the world through other’s eye. 🙂
      Batu Cave was cool, I saw a lot. 🙂

  4. All the monkeys remind me of being in Thailand. We went to a town crawling with monkeys- they were hanging from buildings and crossing the street. I think it was called Lopburi. Anyway, great post! The cave and gold statue are impressive. I’d love to go there one day!

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