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Los Angeles for Health-Seeking Travelers

Beyond the glamor of Hollywood, Los Angeles has another reputation. It has to do with the healthy lifestyle. How is it that so many people are fit and good-looking? Well besides the year-round beautiful weather luring people outside to follow their workout routines, there is another factor at play. Healthful eating. As they say, you can’t outrun a bad diet. In this article I’ll outline the best places to get exercise and where to eat well in southern California.

Most tourists head for the beaches of Santa Monica or the theme parks of Universal Studios and Disneyland. I’m going to give you a more local slant to your trip. Narrow down your Los Angeles accommodation options, and I’ll show you where the beautiful people go for a run, do yoga, and follow up with a health-conscious meal.


Get Out and Get Moving

Run up Runyun Canyon

If you want to see the beautiful people and work out at the same time, then Runyun Canyon is your destination. With access points in Hollywood, a jog up Runyun Canyon is convenient any time of day. There are three routes up the canyon: one easy, medium, and difficult, as well as numerous smaller trails. Plan a few minutes to savor the view at the top. The park is dog-friendly and celebrity sightings are not uncommon.


Hike up Sandstone Peak

To get a higher, more expansive view, try the 7-mile loop trail up Sandstone Peak. This is the highest peak in the Santa Monica Mountains. The route passes through scrub land and native oak groves to the peak at 3,114 feet (949 m) where you’ll get panoramic views of Malibu, The Pacific Ocean, Santa Monica, the Conejo Valley, and the Channel Islands. Summer days are a real scorcher here, so spring and autumn are ideal for this climb.
Venice beach, California.

Venice Beach Boardwalk Activities

Just south of Santa Monica, Venice is the place to go for some rollerblading or bike riding on the boardwalk. There are lots of places to rent bicycles and the people watching doesn’t get much better than this. It is the home of the Muscle Beach bodybuilders after all. When you get your fill being active go watch the surfers or head to the skate park to see the skaters pulling tricks for the crowds.


Yoga in the Park

Being outside and pay-what-you-wish sounds like a win-win to me. This is a great opportunity to do some mindful breathing and strengthen your core with yoga. Join one of many yoga instructors in the park at Runyun Canyon at 2000 N Fuller Ave, Los Angeles.


Where to Refuel

Cafe Gratitude 

Cafe GratitudeEven carnivores love Cafe Gratitude. Don’t believe me? Just give this vegan cafe one chance. Their meat free, dairy-free cuisine with turn you into a believer. Their creative kitchen staff comes up with some really inventive recipes, and they use 100% organic ingredients!


M Cafe

If macro-biotic eating is your scene, then get lunch at M Cafe. Never heard of ‘macro-biotic’? No worries. To sum up, it’s a way of eating inspired on the foundation of Michio Kushi, using only the finest ingredients without any refined sugars, eggs, dairy, red meat or poultry.



In the mood for eating raw? It may not be ideal to eat raw every day, but give Rawvelution a try while you’re in the LA area. This neighborhood raw food cafe, juicery, coffee and elixir bar aims to nourish and inspire with its menu, as well as to preserve the planet.


Burger Lounge 

Good quality meat is healthy. That’s what I believe. Burger Lounge fancies itself as the ‘original grass-fed burger’ and they do grill up a mighty tasty version of the burger. They also have gluten-free buns available. Burger Lounge has locations in Santa Monica, Brentwood, and several other spots across SoCal. Added points for outside seating!


Real Food Daily 

This classic Santa Monica eatery has been serving up healthy, plant-based cuisine for a couple of decades now. It’s 100% organic, too! Their inventive, nutritionally balanced menu will make you happy. Look out for their other locations in West Hollywood and Pasadena.


Where to Rejuvenate

Don’t underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. This was noted on my ‘how to get and stay healthypost. There are Los Angeles hotels to suit every budget and taste. You’ll want to choose wisely for a nice Los Angeles hotel  for good location and comfort level.

Pure Vitality 

Pure Vitality is a health clinic dedicated to holistic healing, nutrient IV therapy, vitamin shots, specialty testing, and more. You can count on a well-rounded approach to your body, mind, and spirit from their skilled and nurturing physicians. Located together with Earthbar in Brentwood. Ask for Dr. Bender or Dr. McAllister.

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Photo: SheY M.A, Carl Larson

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