Oh, Bali. The name carries so much emotion. It’s the place symbolizes peace, tranquil, and healing. Bali has been a popular destination for a long time but it attracted more people after the Eat, Pray, Love phenomena. Thankfully, Bali still remains as charming as before. There are so many great hotel options in Bali ranging from bungalow to guesthouse to high-end resorts. There are truly something for everyone on this island.

There are many sides of this amazing island and here is your guide to adventure travel in Bali.


Driving adventure: VW Safari

Bali VW Safari Tours

Bali Safari Adventure had a great idea. ‘Why don’t we provide the service to experience the real Bali?’ But big bus tour wasn’t the way to go, so they brought on VW 181 safari jeeps. Shopping in the malls are great but it wasn’t the ‘real’ Bali they wanted to show the visitors. With the VW jeep, the drivers use small roads through villages to get a first-hand experience of life on the island. Starting early to avoid big crowds and the notorious rush hour traffic, the jeep runs by green rice paddies, small houses, and temples. It takes about 2 hours driving from Kuta to Ubud.

More information: http://balisafaritours.com/en/home/


Cultural adventure: Kecak Dance

As the sun goes down over the scenic hill in Uluwatu, the energetic Kecak dance starts. It’s a form of Balinese dance and music drama that was developed in the 1930s. It’s performed by a circle of 150 performers (dominantly male) wearing a cloth around their waists, chanting ‘cake’ as moving their bodies. They perform the story based on the Hindu Ramayana, that Prince Rama fights evil king Ravana with the help of monkey-like Vanara. The powerful energy here is quite extraordinary to experience.


Wildlife adventure: turtle release

Releasing a baby turtle

Every evening in Kuta Beach, the ’Turtle Man’ appears. Bali Sea Turtle Society (BSTS) works involving local community to protect sea turtle through “Community Based Conservation” program with real actions. Through the sea turtle nest protection, education, and various campaigns, they are working hard to protect and preserve Indonesia’s sea turtle population. In the evening, they host a free turtle release event that everyone can participate. It’s amazing to see the small baby turtles go into the sea for the first time. They will come back to this beach to lay eggs in no time.

More information: http://www.baliseaturtle.org/


Culinary adventure: babi guling

The trip to Bali cannot be completed without tasting the island’s most famed dish, babi guling (suckling pig). The pig is stuffed and infused with spices, and traditionally split-roasted. Eaten with white rice, spicy sauce (it can be VERY spicy), and vegetable on the side, the crunch skin, and oh-so-tender meat are just too wonderful. I also recommend to hunt down the best babi guling in the island! A bottle of Indonesia’s favorite sweet drink, Tehbotol helps with the spicy!


Outdoor Adventure: white water rafting

White Water Rafting in Bali

It’s perhaps one of the best ways to see Bali with a new perspective. Navigating through the scenic Ayung River, class 2 and 3 rapids set to a backdrop of wild rainforest, towering gorges, and rice paddies. The river goes through some great landscape that you wouldn’t see from the road. The river is relatively calm which makes it comfortable for those of who are not experienced in white water rafting. The rapids can go up to class 4 during the wet season (November to March). If you’re worried about safety, the only white water rafting company in Bali (currently) uses gear are recommended by World White Water Rafting Association.

More information: http://www.baliadventuretours.com

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  1. Bali is a wonderful place. It’s one of my favorite destinations in Asia. I love its iconic rice paddies, sandy beaches, lush jungles, and the vibrant culture.

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